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Learning for Individuals

Find out what we've scheduled for you this quarter.

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Learning for Individuals

Find out what we've scheduled for you this quarter.

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It’s time to expand your skills and advance your career. Swinburne Professional is one of Australia’s leading professional education providers. A division of Swinburne University of Technology, we created a flexible, practical and agile way for professionals to learn. With short courses, qualifications, diplomas and certificates through to pathways that lead to masters’ degrees, Swinburne Professional is here to deliver.

Flexible Delivery

Swinburne Professional brings the university experience to life for our professional participants. Learn on-campus, in workshops, online and even on-site where you work in some circumstances. We offer flexible delivery for your busy schedule.


We have a reputation for diversity and innovation that is backed by Swinburne’s 100-plus years of offering hands-on, professional learning. We have established industry relationships, quality and experienced facilitators and peer-to-peer learning.


The Swinburne ethos is all about practicality. We deliver our training based on innovative methods, experienced facilitators and trending skills so that you’re getting the courses you need with the outcomes you’re after.

Custom learning paths

As an individual, your learning and career paths are uniquely yours. You have your own goals, your own schedule, your own timelines and your own development needs. Our Learning Advisors are with you every step of the way.

The right people

It all comes down to the right people delivering the right training. Our facilitators are experts in their respective fields, they understand your role and career, and are highly skilled at delivering both engaging and relevant learning.

Download Training Catalogue

Swinburne Professional is more than just a training provider. We work hand in hand with Swinburne University to leverage the best models, research and processes to deliver learning that sticks, and successfully evolves workforces for the future. Our comprehensive Training Catalogue provides an outline of the breadth of our learning offer, including short courses, and through to Graduate Certificates.

Download Training Catalogue
Meet Swinburne Professional

Swinburne Professional is a credible place for professionals to learn. We are flexible, fast, and our courses were created with professionals in mind. With an eye to future-proofing careers, our one-day to post-graduate programs are delivered by experts among industry peers.