Positive Leadership

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Facilitating the performance of others to be at their best is the art of great leadership. This is a broadly accepted leadership insight, however, getting the best out of others still poses a challenge for many of those in leadership positions.

The science of positive psychology now provides a clear roadmap of the behaviours that leaders need to demonstrate to give people what they need to thrive and flourish.

In this two-day program, participants will learn about how emotions, in particular, positive emotions, exert a powerful impact on motivation and performance and why they are key to achieving employee engagement. Participants will then be introduced to the 7 leadership behaviours needed to build positivity within their teams and will then be facilitated in building their own ‘positive leadership’ strategy for implementation back in the workplace.

Note: You will need to complete a Strength Profile Assessment before attending the workshop. This is to maximise the time in discussing results within the context of the workshop content.


2 days

Study modes

Face-to-face, Live online



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