Mental Health Fundamentals is a foundational course that equips you with essential knowledge concerning mental health in the workplace. 

This course is designed to empower you with fundamental insights, abilities, and resources for identifying mental health conditions. 

Over the duration of this program, you'll be equipped with the tools and understanding to identify, address, and support mental health conditions, fostering an inclusive and empathetic workspace.

The short course is tailored to achieve several key goals: diminishing the stigma surrounding mental health, amplifying awareness, and fostering greater empathy and comprehension among individuals grappling with mental health challenges. 

Who should attend

This short course is for anyone who wants to understand and manage stress in the workplace and ways to become more resilient.

Skills you’ll learn

  • Effective communication
  • Implement positive mental health strategies
  • Mental health awareness
  • Resilience and work-life balance

Learning outcomes

  • Grasp the prevalence and types of mental health issues common in workplaces
  • Apply communication interventions tailored to support colleagues facing mental health challenges
  • Develop a proactive approach to diminish workplace stigma around mental health
  • Describe the intricate relationship between work and mental health

About your instructors

  • Teresa Coffey

    Teresa is a rehab counsellor, facilitator and consultant specialising in mental health and injury management.
  • Cassandra Danskin

    Cassandra is a highly-regarded facilitator with a wealth of knowledge spanning paramedic services, occupational rehabilitation, and mental health.

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