Lead Auditor Training

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Are you looking for a lead auditor qualification to demonstrate competent skills in audit training and management? Then Swinburne has the right auditor course for you.

Course participants will receive comprehensive training in the theory and practice of auditing to gain a practical understanding of the responsibilities of a quality auditor, and the techniques and methodologies required to effectively audit a quality management system.

This lead auditing course (skill-set code SS-LEADAUDIT) is ideal for quality practitioners who have an understanding of quality management and who have been, or will become, involved in internal quality assurance audits, second party (i.e. vendor) audits and/or third party audits.

Audit training is essential in today's workplace. This course will provide you with all the essential auditing training and knowledge you will need to adapt to any auditing process.


5 days (Mon to Fri 9.00AM - 5.00PM)
(starting monthly)


$2,855 (2018)

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