What is a short course?

Short courses are condensed educational pathways, usually focused around practical skills for industry. 

At Swinburne, we offer a broad range of them across number of disciplines including business, leadership, health and trades. All are delivered by industry professionals and are specifically designed to build skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

Short courses are a great way to your increase your career prospects and effectiveness in a short space of time.  They can also help you meet legislative and industry requirements in your workplace, including those relating to workplace health and safety. 

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Featured courses

Customer Experience and Insight

At Swinburne, we offer customer experience training with the Customer Experience and Insight Research Group, as part of our Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE).

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Auschem Training

This course provides the required training for many industry Quality Assurance Programs and necessary for the Victorian Agriculture Chemical Users Permit.

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Introduction to Welding

This course is designed to teach participants the basic skills and knowledge required to safely weld a wide range of metals using the three welding processes.

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FASEA approved Bridging Courses for current financial planners

Need to update your credentials to comply with Australian government regulations? Swinburne has a range of options from single bridging courses through to Master degree programs.

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Keep abreast of the latest developments in statistical analysis by enrolling in one of our short courses or single units of study.

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