Leadership team

Academic staff

Name Position Contact Location
Kamiran Abdouka Senior Lecturer (Structural Design)

+61 3 9214 8680


ATC 740

Professor Riadh Al-Mahaidi Professor of Structural Engineering; Vice President (International Engagement); Director, Smart Structures Laboratory

+61 3 9214 8429



Dr Alaa Al-Mosawe Research Fellow

+61 3 9214 5477



Dr MD Morshed Alam Lecturer

+61 3 9214 5463


ATC 734

Professor Arul Arulrajah Professor (Geotechnical Engineering)

+61 3 9214 5741


ATC 742

Dr Siva Chandrasekaran Lecturer of Engineering Education
Lead, IoT Training Academy FIEAust, CPEng, SMIEEE

+61 3 9214 5346



Professor Hussein Dia Chair, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering; Deputy Director and Program Leader (Future Urban Mobility), Smart Cities Research Institute

+61 3 9214 5280



Associate Professor Palaneeswaran Ekambaram Associate Professor

+61 3 9214 8526



Dr Robert Evans Senior Lecturer (Geotechnical Engineering), Department for Civil and Construction Engineering

+61 3 9214 8233



Professor Emad Gad Dean of School of Engineering

+61 3 9214 8210



Dr Shirley Gato-Trinidad Deputy Chair - Department of Civil and Construction Engineering; Senior Lecturer (Water Engineering); and Major Discipline Coordinator (Civil Engineering-Undergraduate)

+61 3 9214 8237


ATC 727

Dr Javad Hashemi Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director, Smart Structures Laboratory

+61 3 9214 8586



Suksun Horpibulsuk Adjunct Professor


Associate Professor Monzur Imteaz Head, Water Engineering Group

+61 3 9214 5630



Dr Piratheepan Jegatheesan Senior Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering, Course Coordinator (Construction Engineering) and Deputy Course Coordinator (Civil Engineering)

+61 3 9214 5859



Dr Robin Kalfat Senior Lecturer in Civil and Construction Engineering, HDR Advisor

+61 3 9214 4945



Rashmi Kapoor Research Associate

+61 3 9214 5659



Dr Ambarish Kulkarni Senior Lecturer in Computer Aided Engineering

+61 3 9214 8097



Dr Jessey Lee AEFAC Training and Development Manager, Lecturer

+61 3 9214 4741


ATC 713

Dr Lily Li Lecturer; Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow - Women in STEM

+61 3 9214 3435



Richard Manasseh Professor of Fluid Dynamics

+61 3 9214 8929



Dr Scott Menegon Research Fellow


Dr Alireza Mohammadinia Research Fellow


Dr Sungkon Moon Senior Lecturer (Construction Engineering and Project Management) and Postgraduate Program Coordinator (Risk Management)

+61 3 9214 8721


ATC 722

Dr Behzad Nematollahi Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow; Deputy Director, Digital Construction & Concrete Laboratories

+61 3 9214 8179



Dr Boda Ning Senior Research Engineer



Dr Kiru Pasupathy Research Fellow


Dr Tilak Pokharel ‎AEFAC National Technical Manager

+61 3 9214 8573


ATC 712

Associate Professor Pat Rajeev Associate Professor of Civil Infrastructure Engineering & Deputy Director, Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Digital Construction

+61 3 9214 4942


ATC 739

Dr Saya Ramakrishnan ARC DECRA Fellow

+61 3 9214 3550



Dr Scott Rayburg Senior Lecturer (Water, Environment and Sustainability)

+61 3 9214 4944



Jay Sanjayan Director, Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Digital Construction

+61 3 9214 8034



Associate Professor Hing-Ho Tsang Postgraduate Programme Coordinator (Structural Engineering)

+61 3 9214 5009



Professor John Wilson PVC - Academic Strategy Implementation

+61 4 1458 8568



Dr Ming Xia Research Fellow



PhD staff

Name Name Thesis/Project title
Rusul Abduljabbar Development and evaluation of predictive traffic intelligence models
Ammar Abed Ultra-high strength double skin composite tubular systems
Pradhan Akinapalli Evaluation and enhancement of road safety using surrogate safety indicators
Affifa Akram Long-term improvement performance of concrete buried pipes
Besan Alagawani Investigation of deterioration due to the combined effects of ASR and chloride‐induced corrosion in prestressed concrete structures
Bahaa Al-Atta Development of efficient anchorage systems for strengthening of concrete structures using FRP materials
Ali Al-Attraqchi Collapse assessment of bridge piers through multi-axis hybrid testing
Ali Al-Dujaili 3-D printing of functionally fibre-reinforced graded concrete
Khattab Al-Ghrery Behaviour of curved soffit RC girders strengthened with CFRP
Aziz Alhelal Use of nano-cement adhesive in strengthening of RC beams using FRP
Mustafa Al-Mashaykhi Energy-based seismic damage index for steel structures subjected to long duration earthquakes
Aya Alothman Seismic performance of precast concrete buildings in regions of lower seismicity
Rania Al-Taie Evaluate a new type of steel micropile footing system
Dia Alwash Structural health monitoring of CFRP retrofitted bridges using optical fibre technology
Shirin Aminzadeh Bostani Taleshani The interaction between a micropile footing system and expansive soils
Ravendran Arunothayan Investigation of ultra high-performance concrete for 3D construction printing
Hamidreza Askarieh Yazdi Collapse assessment of concrete-filled steel tube columns through multi-axis hybrid simulation
Hooman Baghban Asghari Nejad Thermo-geomechanical behavior of demolition wastes in geothermal pavements
Samira Bayatkashkooli Structural performance of 3D-printed concrete components under hybrid extreme loading
Behnam Beheshtian The research will be centered on the risk analysis of the built-environment in the face of extreme events
Shin Bong Production of porous lightweight geopolymeric specimens
Andrew Danylec Develop and establish augmented reality tools in high capacity metro train for productivity and quality enhancements
Shyan Devapriya Assessment of phase change material installation in AMDC building
Rijwana Esha Numerical investigations of seawater intrusion and effects on aquifer storage and recovery
Ali Fouad Characterisation of granular pavement materials
Shan Gao Critical success factors and framework for quality assurance in transnational higher education
Meysam Ghamariadyan Contaminants transported from recycled materials due to sea-level rise using suitable DQM scheme
Behnam Ghorbani Experimental and numerical analysis of recycled demolition materials in geothermal pavements
Na Guo Development of automated and integrated 3D modelling tool for virtual reality and 3D printing applications
Russel Haque A study on flood forecasting constrained by remote sensing data
Khulood Hwayyis Modelling performance of bituminous surfaces
Farhana Islam Long-term seasonal rainfall forecasting for Western Australia using artificial neural network (ANN) and multi-model ensemble (MME) approach
Maheshbabu Jallu Development of fly ash stabilized recycled base material for sustainable design of pavements
Johana Jaramillo Restrepo Optimization of the mixture of concrete with regards to its CO2 balance
Roshan Jayathilakage Numerical (discrete particle modelling) modelling of concrete flow characteristics in 3D printing applications
Reem Jumaah  Anchorage systems in PT beams strengthened in shear with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites
Fatima Juveria Assessment of defects that affects failure of pipes and accurate prediction of remaining life using development of analytical and finite element model
Bhargav Karnam Prabhakara Axial and Transverse pullout studies on reinforcement embedded in different fill materials
Mohammad Khan Investigating suitability of reusing recycled plastic nanocomposites to produce automotive parts using 3D printing
Rose Khorsandi Impacts of climate change on land use changes in Victoria
Dhasindrakrishna Kitnasamy Investigation of geopolymer based foam concrete for fire and acoustic rated walls
Mithaq Kohees Constitutive behaviour of geopolymer and cement-based composites under triaxial loads
Sai Konala Sesimic behaviour of bridges subjected to forward directivity ground motions simulated by slip mechanism of simple and complex fault geometrics with implication to SSFI
Sai Kondepudi Development of 3D printable mortars
Sneha Kulkarni Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR)
Dhirendra Kumar A framework for efficient condition assessment of the local government buildings leading to prediction of future capital works programs
Dileep Kumar Economical and environmental impacts of energy use in Australian building stocks
David Leonard  Integrating the flood mitigation and water saving benefits of rainwater harvesting practice with onsite detention (OSD) design
Ting Li Development of an intelligent assistive technology for vision impaired personnel mobility freedom
Sohani Liyanage Estimation and prediction of dynamic origin-destination demands for transportation networks
Mohammed Madi Investigating the use of technology and innovation to ease traffic congestion in emerging global cities
Abdulrahman Mahmood Assessing economic and environmental impact of using reclaimed materials in road related application
Vinayak Malaghan Evaluation of highway design consistency conformance with driver's expectations
Taylor Marchment Development of suitable concrete for 3D printing technology
Janitha Migunthanna Kariyakaranage Structural health monitoring and seismic risk assessment of existing reinforced concrete structures
Muhammad Moniruzzaman Analysis of rainwater tank variables using daily water balance model – a case study for Sydney
Mahamat Moussa Adam Study of extruder design parameters on flow characteristics of concrete
Tariq Munir Development and evaluation of policy frameworks for sustainable urban mobility
Ali Murtaza Effect of quality water content on engineering and index properties of soil
Shravan Muthukrishnan PhD in print head design and material rheology
Mahdi Naeini Cyclic performance of recycled demolition wastes in railway ballast/sub-ballast
Sahan Narayana Mudiyanselage Non-destructive condition assessment technology for timer pole system
Pooshan Navathe  Management of risk and uncertainty in aeromedical decision making
Ehsan Negahban Functionally graded properties of geopolymer concrete
Thien Phuc Nguyen Strengthening steel structure using adhesively bonded CFRP
Michael Notini Blind bolted connections for hollow sections in residential structures
Osamah Obayes Tensile behaviour of post installed mechanical anchors in early age concrete
Mooi Ong Management of closed landfills – a case study in Victoria, Australia
Rajesh Parla Site city effects on ground motion and amplification of seismic waves in alluvial basins
Upendra Paudel Reliability of rainwater harvesting system for meeting the non-portable water demand in three different places of Nepal
Weerakkody Perera Applicability of recycled plastic and demolition wastes as pavement base/subbase materials
Van Phung Managing construction and commissioning related risks resulting in energy performance gap in commercial buildings
Savalan Pour Akbarkhiavi Application of artificial neural network modelling in urban water reticulation system planning
Parisa Rahimzadeh Oskooei Long term performance of demolition wastes using numerical analysis and experimental methods
Akilesh Ramesh Innovative construction materials and technologies, sustainable building materials, repair and rehabilitation of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) and prestressed structures and earthquake engineering
Nalin Randeniya Augmented reality-based manufacturing and maintenance module development for high capacity metro trains
Saim Raza Performance based plastic design (PBPD) on reinforced concrete frames
Haifa Saleh Punching strengthening of reinforced concrete slabs with CFRP
Seyed Samaei Design and development of membrane based for the treatment of mining industry wastewater
Mustafa Shamsah -
Fida Siddiqui BIM-enabled construction for enhancing project productivity
Smita Singh Post-earthquake fire resistance of concrete-filled tabular steel columns
Sriskanthan Srisangeerthanan Development and assessment of inter-module connection for modular buildings
Mohammadalmas Surti Development of reconfigurable mould for 3D concrete shell fabrication
Nikesh Thammishetti Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete square columns with pattern specific reinforcement under combined actions including torsion
Duc Phu Tran The effectiveness of geotechnical seismic isolation made of rubber material on centrifuge shaking table tests
Xiaodong Wang Experimental and theoretical research on application of magnesium phosphate cement-based materials in 3-dimentional printing of building and construction
Hendrik Wijaya Application of distributed optical fibre sensing for condition monitoring of mining conveyor
Xiaoxiao Xu Analysis of building energy consumption by using data mining and complex system dynamics modelling: Australia vs China
Shiwei Yu Development of concrete suitable for 3D printing
Alireza Zabihi Shahri Seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete beam-column joints using diagonal haunch
Muhammad Zafar Investigation of modern techniques used for simulation of rainfall runoff and their accuracy
Jiaolan Zhu The influence of the energy-using behavior on campus teaching building energy consumption in hot summer and warm winter zone

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