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Professor Hussein Dia

Professor of Future Urban Mobility
Doctor of Philosophy - Transport Studies, Monash University, Australia; Masters of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, United States; Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, United States


I am professor of Future Urban Mobility in the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering. My research interests are in the convergence of technology, infrastructure and human elements in urban environments. My current work is focused on disruptive mobility and harnessing digital innovations to unlock potential opportunities for low carbon mobility. My current research includes investigations of how autonomous vehicles, Blockchain, Internet of Things and the sharing economy are set to transform mobility in the world's cities. My standing in this field is demonstrated by more than 100 publications including books on ITS and low carbon mobility for future cities.

I am a Chartered Professional Engineer, Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Fellow of Engineers Australia, and Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. I have previously served as Board Member of ITS Australia, and currently serve as Senior Editor for the international journal IEEE Transactions on ITS.

I previously served as the Chair of the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering and as Program Leader of the Smart Cities Research Institute's Future Urban Mobility program. In my role as Chair of Civil Engineering, I worked alongside a highly dedicated academic team who collectively positioned Civil Engineering as one of the highly regarded Civil Engineering departments in the country. In this role, I worked with internal & external stakeholders to build on the success of the team and position the Department for further growth, success and recognition. In my role as Program Leader in the Smart Cities Research Institute, I facilitated interdisciplinary research and actively engaged with external organisations to identify issues and needs that the Institute can address through its thematic research programs. 

Research interests

Intelligent Transport Systems; Smart Mobility; Smart Cities; Smart Infrastructure; Transport Modelling; Infrastructure Monitoring; Transportation Systems Engineering

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Transport Engineering - 400512

Teaching areas

Transportation Systems Engineering;Intelligent Transport Systems


  • 2019, Swinburne, Highly Commended - Vice-Chancellor's 2019 Research Excellence Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2019, Swinburne, FSET Research Collaboration Across Non-Traditional Boundaries, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2005, National, Best Paper Award. Intelligent Vehicles and Road Infrastructure Conference (IVRI ’05), University of Melbourne, Australia
  • 1999, International, Best Paper Award. 11th Mini-Euro Conference on AI in Transportation Systems and Science, Finland, University of Helsinki
  • 1993, National, Monash University PhD Graduate Scholarships, Monash University
  • 1982, International, Purdue University Undergraduate Scholarship, Purdue University
  • 1978, International, American Field Service (AFS) Exchange Student Award, USA, West Valley High School, Washington, USA

Professional memberships

  • 2004 - 2016: Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transport Systems, United States
  • 2010 - 2013: Board Member, Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, Australia
  • 2016 (current): Editor, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transport Systems, Senior Editor, United States
  • 2014 (current): Assessor, Australian Research Council, Australia
  • 2014 (current): Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers, United States
  • 2014 (current): Fellow, Institute of Transportation Engineers, United States
  • 2014 (current): Fellow, Engineers Australia, Australia
  • 2017 (current): Assessor, Land Transport Authority of Singapore, Research Scheme, Singapore

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Also published as: Dia, Hussein; Dia, H.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2023: Development and evaluation of video analytics solutions for freight origin-destination estimation *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Strategic East-Coast Regional Freight Network for Enhanced Access to Inland Rail *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Transition Towards Zero Emissions Heavy Vehicles: Analysis, Planning and Policy *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Data-integrated Visualization and Analytics (DiVA) Platform for Transport Emissions, Efficiency and Sustainability *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Emissions and economic modelling of road and rail freight in NSW *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: iMOVE Australia Limited (?iMOVE?), Level Crossing Removal Project (?LXRP?) - Construction industry supply chain data sharing framework *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Innovative road network pricing models for managing travel demand and promoting low carbon mobility *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Project 3-029 Creating our future transport and mobility workforce: Understanding the workforce implications of transport digitalisation and automation in Australia *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Prospects for decarbonising freight transport in Australia: A comparative evaluation of electric and hydrogen vehicles powered from renewable energy *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: A low cost IoT-based solution for Tracking and Monitoring of Freight Consignments *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Estimation of freight origin-destination activity using video analytics and traffic counts *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: International best practice digitisation in transport and freight: Lessons for Australia *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Replacement Bus Patronage Counting and Wait Time Measurement *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Video-based analytics for monitoring patronage and usage patterns of parklets in the municipality of Boroondara *; Boroondara City Council
  • 2020: Data-driven Traffic Analytics for Incident Analysis and Management *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2020: Development and Evaluation of Transformative Commercial Urban Delivery Solutions *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: SCOPE 3, collecting and reporting last mile Green House Gas emissions: prototype and field trial *; Scope_FS
  • 2019: Exploring balance between `movement? and `place? in designing safe and successful places *; iMOVECRC
  • 2019: iHUB:Smart urban research-synthesis-engagement platform for decision making *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2019: Innovative responses to urban transportation: current practice in Australian Cities *; AHURI National Housing Research Program - Research Projects
  • 2018: Bus replacement services for rail passenger service disruptions *; iMOVECRC
  • 2018: Greening Inner-urban Travel with Sharing Economy Mobility Services (led by University of South Australia) *; CRC Low Carbon Living
  • 2017: Integrated Cities: Procuring Transport Infrastructure through Integrating Transport, Land Use and Finance *; Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre Funding for Pre-Project Activities
  • 2016: Greening Suburban Travel *; CRC Low Carbon Living

* Chief Investigator

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