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Professor Arul Arulrajah

Professor (Geotechnical Engineering)
PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Australia; MEngSc, University of Malaya, Malaysia; BSc, Purdue University, United States


Professor Arul Arulrajah leads the Geotechnical Engineering group at Swinburne University of Technology. Arulrajah has been involved as a Chief Investigator in 26 research projects totalling AUD$10.8 Million which includes 4 ARC Linkage grants, 1 ARC Training Centre, 3 ARC LIEF, 13 competitive state government grants and 6 industry grants. He is the first-named investigator and project leader in 16 projects totalling AUD$2.4 Million.

He is involved in geotechnical engineering research topics such as recycled materials, ground improvement, pavement geotechnics, in-situ testing, field instrumentation, land reclamation, dredging and deep compaction works. He has supervised 12 PhD students to completion in this area of geotechnical and sustainability research. He is presently the Deputy Training Centre Director and Technical Program Coordinator for the ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure. 

Professor Arulrajah is the author of 2 books, 5 book chapters, 211 journal publications and 98 conference publications to date. His research has been recognised by international and Australian awards. This includes the Telford Premium Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK (2009), Australian Pavement and Recycling Association Highly Commended Awards for Excellence in Sustainability and Research (2018, 2012) and the Shamsher Prakash Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Geotechnical Engineering (2010). He is also the recipient of 4 Swinburne Vice Chancellor Awards for his research activities.

He has extensive experience in the geotechnical engineering design, site implementation and project management of numerous large civil engineering infrastructure projects in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, based on his 14 years of industry experience prior to joining Swinburne in 2006.

Research interests

Geotechnical Engineering

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.


Available to supervise honours students.

Fields of Research

  • Civil Geotechnical Engineering - 090501

Teaching areas

Geotechnical Engineering


  • 2018, International, Reviewer of Excellence, Computers and Geotechnics (journal), Elsevier
  • 2018, Swinburne, Research Impact Award - For "Recycled materials in geotechnical engineering applications", Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2018, National, Highly Commended Award for Excellence in Sustainability: Chemical and granular stabilisation of pavements using recycled materials, Australian Pavement and Recycling Association (Auststab)
  • 2014, International, Outstanding Researcher Award, Changi Consulting Engineers, Singapore
  • 2014, National, Finalist for the Australian Innovation Challenge - Manufacturing, Construction and Infrastructure category; for "Green roads and footpaths using recycled materials"., The Australian (newspaper)
  • 2014, International, Best Paper Award, 9th International Conference on Lowland Technologies, Japan
  • 2012, Swinburne, Vice Chancellor's Industry Engagement Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2012, International, Research Collaboration Award, DST Consulting Engineers, Canada
  • 2012, International, Outstanding Reviewer Award, Computers and Geotechnics (journal), Elsevier
  • 2012, National, Highly Commended Award - for Excellence in Research and Education in stabilisation of recycled waste materials., Australian Pavement and Recycling Association (Auststab)
  • 2010, International, Telford Premium Prize - For one of the best papers published in ICE's journals. Lead and corresponding author., Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom
  • 2010, International, Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Geotechnical Engineering, Shamsher Prakash Foundation
  • 2009, Swinburne, Vice-Chancellor's Research Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2008, Swinburne, Vice Chancellor's Sustainability Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2007, Swinburne, Vice Chancelor's Early Career Research Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2007, National, Certificate of Recognition - For innovative biosolids management initiative on the usage of biosolids in geotechnical engineering applications., Smart Water Fund (Wastewater Authorities in Victoria)


Also published as: Arulrajah, Arul; Arulrajah, A.; Arulrajah, Atputharajah
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2018: Harnessing renewable energy from low-carbon geothermal pavements *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2018: Soft computing based modelling of recycled waste materials in transportation geotechnics *; Stretford Civil Constructions Pty Ltd
  • 2018: The effect of curing regime on the engineering behaviour of polymer-stabilized granular material for use in lagoon-base of manmade surf parks *; URBNSURF Developments (Melbourne) Pty Ltd
  • 2017: Environmental & geotechnical evaluation for potential use of recycled surplus/waste gypsum and Rapidwall offcuts *; Rapid Building Systems
  • 2017: ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure. *; ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres
  • 2016: Development of deep soil mixing technology utilising industrial by-products *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2016: Glass fines in cement treated crushed rock for unbound pavements *; Sustainability Victoria
  • 2016: Recycled Plastics and Glass Fines in Concrete Footpaths *; Polytrade Recycling
  • 2015: Tyre Derived aggregrate as a supplementary materal in pavement subbases *; Tyre Stewardship Australia - Research Contract
  • 2014: Geotechnical characterisation of biosolids for use as stabilised fill *; City West Water
  • 2014: National Facility for Cyclic Testing of High-speed Rail (FCTHSR) *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Scheme - For funding commencing in 2014
  • 2014: Sustainability Victoria - Crushed glass as a supplementary material in cement treated crushed concrete pavement applications. *; Sustainability Fund
  • 2013: Crushed brick as a supplementary material in cement treated crushed concrete pavement application *; Sustainability Victoria
  • 2013: Demolition Wastes for Stone Columns *; Geofrontiers Group Pty Ltd
  • 2013: End-of-life options for waste paint in Australia *; Sustainability Victoria
  • 2013: Resilient Modulus and Permanent Deformation Response of Waste Dolerite as Wearing Course Material for Haul Roads *; HATCH
  • 2013: X-ray Microscope Facility for Imaging Geo-materials (XMFIG) *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2012: Development of an advanced laboratory testing method for the measurement of soil suction under a range of overburden pressures *; IPC Global
  • 2011: Geotechnical characteristics of recycled asphalt *; Municipal Association of Victoria
  • 2011: Hybrid Testing Facility for Structures under Extreme Loads *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2010: Development of specifications for reclaimed demolition materials in footpaths and shared paths *; Municipal Association of Victoria
  • 2010: Field trials of recycled crushed glass in footpaths and shared paths *; Municipal Association of Victoria
  • 2010: Laboratory testing of biosolids for lagoon embankments *; Geotesta

* Chief Investigator

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