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Associate Professor Ambarish Kulkarni

Director - Vehicle Engineering Team
Grad Cert in L&T, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia; Doctor of Philosophy, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia; Master of Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Bachelor of Engineering, Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering, India


Ambarish Kulkarni is a mechanical design engineer with a PhD on Development of an EV drivetrain for a small car. He specializes in mechanical design with focus on finite element, virtual and augmented reality. His research focuses on product design and development activities. He is best known for his work on the development of human centered products. He is currently working on design of medical, automotive process/products improvements using virtual and augmented reality tools. His current projects are on electric vehicle drivetrains, battery packaging, bushfire shelter and therapeutic sleep system designs. He is a specialist in using specialized virtual design tools with significant field and industry experience. Further applications of his research have included bio-mechanical modeling and virtual sub-system designs. He was in industrial R&D career and became a full-time academic since 2009. His current role is Senior Lecturer-Computer Aided Engineering, with research projects on development of Bombardier Trams, electric vehicle battery packaging, therapeutic sleep system design and bushfire shelters. He is also actively involved in teaching finite element methods, graphics design and supervising students on virtual reality projects. He is a Fellow member of the Institution of Engineers-Australia, member- Society of Automotive Engineers-International and American Society of Mechanical Engineers-USA.

Research interests

Biotechnology; Transportation Systems Engineering; Electric Vehicle Research; Virtual Design and Prototyping; Design and development; Virtual and Augmented reality

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.


Available to supervise honours students.

Fields of Research

  • Engineering Design - 401001
  • Automotive Engineering Not Elsewhere Classified - 400299
  • Engineering Design - 401001

Teaching areas

Product design;Engineering Design;Computer Aided Engineering;Virtual and Augmented realiy;Industry 4.0


Also published as: Kulkarni, Ambarish; Kulkarni, A.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2024: Collaborative cloud networks for smart manufacturing and management system *; BAMBACH FUND SCHEME
  • 2023: A Dynamic In-bed Weight Monitoring System for Aged Care Facilities *; CLOUDBURST FUND SCHEME
  • 2023: Can regenerative braking and torque vectoring be combined to replace the Low Voltage battery within a Formula SAE Electric Vehicle? *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Creation of accurate vehicle model for simulation of forces and aerodynamics experienced by proposed vehicle for enhanced design validation and adjustments to be made through the manufacture and assembly process *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Creation of aerodynamics rake for testing and creation of simulation for the aerodynamics experience by FSAE vehicles *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Development of a microgravity simulation platform using light jet aircraft *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Development of Carbon Fibre push rods to reduce net vehicle weight *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Development of Carbon fibre wheel centres and rims for FSAE-A vehicle for accessibility to inhouse manufacturing and reliable wheel centres *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Efficiency enhancement of additive manufactured parts in manufacturing industry *; ZEALCAD FUND SCHEME
  • 2023: Graphene supercapacitors in regenerative braking systems for electric vehicles *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Hybrid lithium ion and Graphene supercapacitor power system *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Hydrogen generator efficiency for performance enhancements and reducing ecological impacts *; AQUA-GEN FUND SCHEME
  • 2023: Investigation into low-level automation of composite manufacturing for semi-structural/structural supplementary parts, for the purpose of decreasing manufacture time and transfer of knowledge *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Optimising the design for the high voltage cells to further improve the performance of Formula SAE vehicles *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Smart manufacturing and management system *; BAMBACH FUND SCHEME
  • 2022: Alternate fuel cells for TS vehicles *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Battery Pack Weight Reduction *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Creating a software with GUI to effectively display and communicate telemetry on Electric Vehicle *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Optimisation *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: FSAE Autonomous Vehicle with advanced awareness facilitated by an embedded ‘detect and classify’, WSN *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Hydrogen Fuel Cell *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Hydrogen Signal Stabilisation *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Increasing Glass Transition Temperature of Epoxy Matrix in FSAE Wheel Rims *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Lap time measuring with GPS module *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Telemetry System R&D *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Using AR and VR in vehicle design during remote working circumstances *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Autonomous Steering *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Driver Reactance Focused - Steering Wheel *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Electric traction systems influence on decarbonizing Australia road freight transport industry *; Tiger Spider Pty Ltd
  • 2021: Resin Infused Carbon Fibre Wheel *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: RTAB Mapping *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: Electric traction systems influence on decarbonising Australia road freight transport industry *; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
  • 2020: VR/AR Design Capture *; APR Internship Program
  • 2019: A novel virtual manufacturing system approach for integrated flexible low-cost manufacturing to enhance cost competitiveness, value differentiation and market focus *; Innovative Manufacturing CRC
  • 2019: ARC Research Hub for Smart Next Generation Transport Pavements - Project 8 *; ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs
  • 2019: Design, development and trials of an ergonomic sleep system *; Innovation Connections
  • 2019: Downer EDI Rail Pty Ltd - ‘The prediction and control of design uncertainty in low volume product development’ *; DOWNER EDI WORKS PTY LTD
  • 2019: Extended Reality for Manufacturing Industries *; Beyond Europe - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
  • 2019: Implementation of virtual reality learning tools for improvements in hazard identification and safety enhancements *; Rail CRC Projects
  • 2018: Anti-Suicide Capture Device (ASCD) *; Enclasp Pty Ltd
  • 2018: Velocity train mock-up using virtual design tools *; Bombardier Transportation Australia Fund Scheme
  • 2017: Design assessment and framework for analysing heavy duty vehicles with electric traction system *; Tiger Spider Pty Ltd
  • 2017: Design, development and trials of sleep system variants (Innovation Connections grant) *; Innovation Connections
  • 2017: Enabling virtual reality through industry 4.0 training for engineering cohorts in rail related projects *; Eon Reality Pte Ltd Singapore
  • 2017: Virtual ring application development *; FITT3D Pty Ltd
  • 2016: Australian Korean Cooperation for Virtual Design and Construction Technologies: Sustainable Partnership *; DFAT Australia Korea Foundation
  • 2016: Digital design process for productivity enhancements in manufacturing industry *; Innovation Connections
  • 2013: Use of virtual reality tools to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the design process for ergonomic support systems *; Department of State Development Business and Innovation - Voucher Program
  • 2010: Electric vehicle drivetrain (AutoCRC C2-25) *; AutoCRC

* Chief Investigator

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