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Professor Jay Sanjayan

Research Centre Director, Sustainable Infrastructure


Professor Jay Sanjayan is the Director of Swinburne’s Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Professor of Concrete Structures.

Professor Sanjayan’s currently funded research projects include 3D printing of concrete, low carbon concretes, geopolymer concretes, use of phase change materials in construction and monitoring the performance of geopolymer concrete in the field. Jay has published extensively in these topics with his publications receiving 9400+ citations with an H-index of 46 in Google Scholar. Jay is also involved in a number of major consulting projects related to concrete materials technology and structural design.

Jay is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, Honorary Member of Concrete Institute of Australia and was the 2015 Honorary President of RILEM. He also served as Chairman of the Concrete 2015 conference held in Melbourne. He has also chaired the editorial board of Concrete in Australia, and was a member of the editorial board of Construction Materials Journal and Materials and Structures.

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Construction Materials - 400505
  • Structural Engineering - 400510


Also published as: Sanjayan, Jay; Sanjayan, J.; Sanjayan, J. G.; Sanjayan, Jay G.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2023: 3D Concrete Printed Residential Building for Low-Cost Housing *; SmartCrete CRC Ltd
  • 2023: Development of Technologies for the Beneficial Use of Reclaimed Water-based Paint in Concrete (Phase 1) *; SmartCrete CRC Ltd
  • 2022: Investigation of Calcined Clay based Geopolymer Concrete for Construction *; Bouygues Construction Australia Pty Ltd Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Investigation of Water Leakage in Residential Apartment Balconies and Car Park Basements *; Victorian Building Authority
  • 2021: Hydrogen carbon waste into concrete: AI assisted nanoscience approach *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2021: Investigating the Pumpability and Extrudability of Concrete for 3D Printing *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2021: Investigation of Steel Fibre Reinforcement as a partial replacement of Reinforcement in Slab-on-Ground for Residential Construction *; Intrax Consulting Group Partnership
  • 2021: Material study - Concrete *; Level Crossing Removal Authority
  • 2020: Development of a novel concrete extruder for active rheology control for 3D construction printing applications *; Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology and Innovation Research and Development
  • 2020: Investigation of relationship between source materials and properties of concrete roof tile *; Bristile Roofing Holdings Pty Ltd
  • 2020: Recycled plastic ROBOVOID Construction Solution *; CRC Projects
  • 2020: Yongan Baohualin *; Yongan Baohualin Industrial Development Co.
  • 2019: ARC Research Hub for Smart Next Generation Transport Pavements - Project 2.2 *; ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs
  • 2019: ARC Research Hub for Smart Next Generation Transport Pavements - Project 2.6 *; ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs
  • 2019: ARC Research Hub for Smart Next Generation Transport Pavements - Project 4.2 *; ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs
  • 2019: Development of 3D-printable Strain-Hardening Fibre-Reinforced Geopolymer Composites for Digital Construction Applications *; UA-DAAD (Universities Australia-Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)
  • 2019: Mainstreaming of Geopolymer Concrete for Pavements - City of Sydney *; CRC Low Carbon Living
  • 2017: 3D Concrete Printing Facility for Automated Construction Research *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2017: 3D Printing of Structures using Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2017: As-built investigation of existing concrete elements *; Powercor Australia Fund Scheme
  • 2017: Functionally Graded Modelling of Geopolymer and Portland Cement Concretes *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2017: Resilient Buildings: Informing Maintenance for Long-Term Sustainability *; Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre Funding for Pre-Project Activities
  • 2015: An innovative light weight and “green” composite panel system for high speed modular construction *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2015: Three dimensionally compressed and monitored Hopkinson bar *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme - For funding commencing in 2015
  • 2014: Geopolymer Concrete:Reducing Barriers for Commercial Adaptation of Construction Materials with Low Embodied Carbon *; CRC Low Carbon Living
  • 2014: Investigation of Wave Propagation through Soils to Shallow Buried Fibre Optic Cable *; Department of State Development Business and Innovation (Vic) - Voucher Program
  • 2014: State-of-the-Art Facility for Non-destructive Testing of Concrete Infrastructure (N-Detect) *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2013: Climate Adaptation Technology and Engineering for Extreme Events *; Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • 2013: Durability of geopolymer concrete in bridge structures *; ARRB Group Ltd
  • 2013: Evaluation of Sarawak fly ash for making geopolymer for construction *; Melbourne-Sarawak Research Collaboration Scheme
  • 2013: Integrated fire engineering facility for testing structures under combined structural and fire loading *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2013: Microplane material models for grapheme-oxide-reinforced concretes *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2013: Research & Scholarship Agreement - Master by Research *; Australian Technical Approvals
  • 2013: Structural Assessment of Lightweight Geopolymer Wall Panels *; CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Research Fund
  • 2013: Top-up scholarship for Climate Adaptation Methods for Heat Waves: Incorportation of Phase Change Materials in Building Components *; Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • 2013: X-ray Microscope Facility for Imaging Geo-materials (XMFIG) *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2012: An advanced macro-scale, hydro-thermo-mechanical testing chamber for sustainable deep geological applications *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2012: Effect of geopolymer cement stabilisation on the fatigue life of pavement sub-bases with recycled demolition aggregates *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2010: Development of leakage resistant well-cements for geo-sequestration of carbon dioxide application using alkali activated slag and geopolymer cements *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme

* Chief Investigator

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