Professor Rachael McDonald

Program Leader, Disability

Professor Rachael McDonald is a clinical, research and teaching health professional with an interest in enabling people with lifelong disabilities to participate in life situations.

She has worked extensively in this field, within both children’s services and adult settings. She supervises research (honour’s, MSc and PhD) students specialising in the care of people. Her doctorate explored the acceptability and effectiveness of adaptive seating systems in wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy. She also has qualifications in occupational therapy, biomechanics and higher education.

Professor McDonald previously held a joint appointment with the Department of Occupational Therapy and the Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria (CDDHV) at Monash University. Her role at CDDHV included health professional education and leading research activities, whereas her interest in using technology as an enabler, but also as a tool for collecting objective evidence, was a feature of her occupational therapy research. 

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