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Student Records

In accordance with the Privacy Policy, Swinburne can confirm personal and subject/course details only to the student, appropriate staff members and authorised external agencies such as Centrelink.

Another person may act on your behalf, but only if you provide them with written permission to do so. If you require proof of your enrolment for Youth Allowance/AUSTUDY or for any other reason, you may request a status letter.

If you are enquiring in person about your address, enrolment, or subject details, you must present your student ID card for identification. If your are enquiring over the telephone, an ID check will be conducted.

Updating personal details

All current students must inform Swinburne of their change of address as soon as possible. Having an old address on the system will result in you not receiving important documents from Swinburne such as your re-enrolment confirmation.

To update your personal details, go the Current Students website and login.

Academic details

If you require a statement of results, you may apply for an Academic Transcript.

Academic Verification

The Academic Verifications is for use by external companies/agencies to confirm that the information a student has provided to them is correct. This can be used for Centrelink checks, employment or further study. It contains the following information:

  • Current enrolment dates & course
  • Industry Based Learning
  • Completion dates
  • Conferral/Graduation dates

Any external company/agency requiring confirmation on a current or past student can apply for verfication. For any information other than conferral/graduation date, a Privacy Waiver must be supplied where the student is authorising the release of information to the specified company/agency.

There is no charge for Academic Verification Requests. A request generally takes between 5 to 10 working days.