What to bring to your exam

Final assessments replacing exams

The university is committed to supporting you through your studies during this challenging period. As a result, there will be no final exams this period. Final exams will be replaced with alternative assessments to be delivered by the unit conveners during the final assessment period, which takes place after the teaching end date of the period.

Key Dates

SWOTVAC: Monday 2 November to Wednesday 4 November 2020

Final Assessment Periods:

  • Study Period 2, 2020: Monday 31 August to Friday 4 September
  • Study Period 3, 2020: Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December
  • Semester 2, 2020: Thursday 5 November to Friday 20 November

Read our answers to FAQs about Assessment and Special Consideration for units affected by the current COVID-19 situation.

If you’re attending an exam at Swinburne, you need to be aware of what you can and can’t take into your exam room.

If you have a disability or medical condition and need to make special arrangements for your exam, contact AccessAbility Services at the start of your teaching period.

What you must bring

You must bring the following items with you to your exam:

  • identification (your Student ID or a current passport or a current Australian driver’s license); if you do not bring ID, you may not be eligible to sit your exam
  • your seat allocation details (either printed or on your phone)
  • writing implements (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers).

What you may also bring

Other items you’re allowed to bring to an exam include:

  • a clear water bottle with no writing or labels; the liquid must be transparent
  • a small number of hard sweets or lollies in clear wrappers (e.g. barley sugars); they must have no writing on them and must not be disruptive to other students
  • calculator (if authorised for your exam); either TI-30XB or TI-83/TI-84. 

If you have any other items on you, you must place them in your bag and under your chair, or as directed by the supervisor. Please check your pockets before the exam begins.

Mobile phones, smart watches and other electronic devices 

You cannot have a mobile phones, smart watch or other electronic devices on your person during your exam.

You must:

  • disable any alarms
  • turn off your phone, smart watch and/or other electronic device
  • place your phone, smart watch and/or other electronic device in your bag under your chair or in another location as directed by the exam supervisor.

If your phone, smart watch, and/or other electronic device is on or turns on to play an alarm it will be considered misconduct. If in doubt, remove the battery.