Welcome to Swinburne alumni! We’re a community of over 200,000 past students across more than 140 countries. Every year, we continue to grow and evolve, bringing new benefits and services to graduates and fostering the formation of networking groups. We take pride in supporting our alumni and encourage everyone, no matter where you live, to keep active with the Swinburne community. 

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  • Research

    CXI Workshop - Learning from Experience : From Surviving to Thriving

    The CXI X²  Workshop is an annual event designed to inspire and empower CX and other professionals to solve real-world challenges in new ways.

    Fri 18 September
    9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
    Register now (CXI Workshop - Learning from Experience : From Surviving to Thriving)
  • Research

    How to be a Star Citizen in Space

    This panel will reflect on the ethical considerations space raises, such as the impact human activity has on ourselves and our celestial neighbours, planetary defence and archaeological preservation.
    Thu 20 August
    6:30 PM to 7:45 PM
    Register now (How to be a Star Citizen in Space)

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Alumni stories

Discover inspirational personal journeys and stories of professional success from the alumni community.

  • Swinburne 50 Namira Abdulgani


    Namira Abdulgani

    Namira Abdulgani's motivations in her career as an artist and designer are to “create meaningful experiences for other human beings”.

  • Swinburne 50 John Drummond


    John Drummond

    Since graduating, John Drummond has aided in the major space discovery of a far away exoplanet.

  • Swinburne 50 Thi Thuy Hoang

    Media and Communications

    Thi Thuy Hoang

    Thuy achieves incredible success in running her own literary agency and working as an interpreter and an award-winning poet.

  • Sosina Wogayehu, Bachelor of Small Companies and Community Theatre (NICA) alumna, Order of Australia Membership recipient and Director, Gamo Circus School, Ethiopia

    Circus Arts

    Sosina Wogayehu

    Sosina leads an exciting life in performance and arts, traveling the world to perform and managing circus and performance schools to help train students.

  • Alumni Stories

    Explore more incredible stories from our alumni community.

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