Exam timetable and dates

It’s important to plan ahead for your exams so that you don’t schedule holidays at the same time.

Exam periods are published at least a year in advance, and your personal exam timetable is available four weeks before your exam period begins.

Your personal exam timetable

To find out when your exams are scheduled, check your personal exam timetable

Your exam timetable lists the date, time, venue and seat allocation for each of your exams.

Exams are scheduled to commence at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am, 2pm and 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am and 2pm

Swinburne may schedule you to sit two exams in a 24-hour period. This is not a mistake and not defined as an exam timetable clash

For more information about accessing your exam timetable online see our help guide Exam Timetable: How to view your Exam Timetable online [PDF 440KB].

When your exam timetable is available

Semester 1, 2018

Exam timetables and venues are available four weeks before your exams.

Please note your seat allocations will only be released one week prior to the exam period.

Semester 1, 2018 special exams

Special exams timetable with venue and seat allocations are available one week prior to the exam period.

Exam periods

Higher education students

Summer Term 2018 (for summer intensive students)

  • Exam period: Thursday 15 February to Friday 16 February 2018

Semester 1, 2018

  • SwotvacMonday 28 May to Thursday 31 May 2018
  • Exams: Friday 1 June to Sunday 17 June 2018 (note: no exams are held on Monday 11 June 2018 due to the Queen's Birthday public holiday)
  • Special examsMonday 9 to Friday 13 July 2018

Winter Term 2018 (for winter intensive students)

  • Exam period: Thursday 26 July to Friday 27 July 2018

Semester 2, 2018

  • SwotvacMonday 29 October to Thursday 1 November 2018
  • Exams: Friday 2 November to Sunday 18 November 2018
  • Special examsMonday 10 December to Friday 14 December 2018 

Foundation Year and UniLink students

Teaching periodExam period
Teaching Period 1 Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June 2018
(note: there are no exams held on Monday 11 June 2018 due to the Queen's Birthday public holiday)
Teaching Period 2 Monday 17 September to Friday 21 September 2018
Teaching Period 3 Monday 21 January to Friday 25 January 2019

Hawthorn Online students

Study periodExam period
Study Period 4 (2017) Monday 28 February to Friday 9 March 2018
Study Period 1 Monday 28 May to Friday 8 June 2018
Study Period 2 Monday 27 August to Friday 7 September 2018
Study Period 3 Monday 26 November to Friday 7 December 2018
Study Period 4 Monday 25 February to Friday 1 March 2019 (TBC)

Please note: Hawthorn Online students do not have to self-register for exams. You are automatically registered to sit your exams at the exam venue closest to your permanent address. 

Students with disabilities and carers

If you have a disability or are caring for someone with a disability make sure you register with AccessAbility Services when you first enrol in your unit. 

You can apply for a personalised exam timetable under an equitable assessment arrangement but you'll need to have registered with AccessAbility Services at least four weeks before your exam. 

AccessAbility Services will send personalised exam arrangements to your Swinburne student email address.

If you have not contacted AccessAbility Services at least four weeks before your exam, there may not be time to put your arrangements in place. 

Can’t see your exam information?

Not all units have exams. Contact your lecturer or tutor if you’re unsure which kinds of assessment you need to complete for each unit.

  • Vocational education students have no formal exam periods — for assessment information, talk to your teacher
  • Swinburne Online students — refer to the Swinburne Online website for your exam information
  • Open Universities Australia students — refer to the Open Universities Australia website for your exam information.