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  • The study of astrophysics helps us understand how the universe works and our place in it.
    Wednesday 31 July 2019

    What is an astrophysicist?

    Swinburne experts explain what astrophysics is and why it matters, alleviating confusion over the Australian Bachelor’s job title.
    • Science
  • At Swinburne, our focus is on reconciliation during this week, and to remind our community that this is an ongoing issue that requires constant work.
    Friday 24 May 2019

    National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week explained

    Swinburne’s Professor Andrew Gunstone, Ms Emma Gavin, and Dr Andrew Peters explain the history behind National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week.
    • University
  • Fossilised 20 centimetre long hand claw of theropod discovered at Eric the West site on Victoria’s Otway Coast. Image credit: Stephen Poropat © Museums Victoria.
    Thursday 31 October 2019

    Huge-clawed predatory dinosaur discovery in Victoria

    Fossilised theropod bones, including a 20 centimetre long hand claw, have been discovered on the Otway Coast of Victoria.
    • Science

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