Leadership team

Emeritus and Adjunct appointments

Postgraduate students


Thesis/project title
Aggeliki Aggeli 
The Australian home renovation process: Media and low carbon design choices
Loretta Bellato
Cultivating the roles of tourism in transitions towards regenerative cities and communities 
Mandy Brent-Houghton
The housing disadvantage of women alone in older age: An enduring inequality?
Stephen Cook
Modelling the spatial impacts of transport disruption on the equity of accessibility in Australia’s cities
Sarah Fiess 
Circles of women: Sustainable consumption and digital media
Emily Graham
The human experience of receiving international aid: An ethnographic case study in Sri Lanka
Jessica Grahame
Redefining 'rape culture': Can the popular term 'rape culture' be extended and elaborated to usefully illuminate the pervasive cultural underpinnings behind rape and sexual violence towards women?
George Hatvani
Path dependency in Victorian homelessness and the potential for a system dynamics approach to provide greater understanding and policy directions
Josee Huennekes 
Precariousness and perseverance among Rohingya families living in Malaysia
Juliana Lobo De Queiroz
Refugee women, resettlement and entrepreneurship:  An applied anthropology of refugee women entrepreneurship in Australia and Brazil 
Rachel Maguire
Understanding public housing provision in Melbourne: A comparative perspective
Jessica Maher
Constructing a sense of home through green spaces using participatory methods to examine the lived experiences of migrants and their relationships with the natural environment in Shepparton, Victoria
Geradine McLoughlin 
Sleep walking to catastrophe? Land use and transport planning decisions reviewed against climate change priorities: Melbourne as a case study
Grant Mitchell
Forging new ground: Creative civil society engagement of government to achieve rights-based policy change on immigration detention 
Melissa Pineda Pinto
Designing ecologically just cities by effectively enhancing green infrastructure’s multifunctionality
Philip Soos
An analysis of control fraud in the Australian housing and mortgage markets
Farahnaz Sharifi 
Investigating urban factors affecting suburbs' supremacy, applications for balanced urban development in Melbourne metropolitan
Olamide Shittu
Transitioning from plastic consumption in low-income suburban households: A comparative social practice analysis of Australia and Nigeria 
Katharine Thornton
Household food waste: Composting, recycling and other practices
Ngoc Khanh Vu
Smart urban transitions towards sustainability: An exploration of the hybrid form of smart city systems
Jennifer Witheridge  
Contested space: Future challenges and pathways for open space provision in Australian suburbs
Nestor Guity Zapata
Collaborative housing (formal and informal) as a contributor to the development and lived experience of just cities, in a comparative international context between Honduras and Australia 

Recently completed

Thesis/project title
Viktoria Adler
From Colombia to Australia: Life stories of shifting identities among Colombian-born women living in Melbourne, Australia 
Deborah Batterham
Clarifying the relationship between homelessness and private rental markets in Australia: Capabilities, risk, mobility and geography
Ailsa McPherson
Housing adaptations to social, economic and demographic change: The renter-owner household in Australia 
Paul Stolz
Examination of ‘overcrowding’ in Australian households, its impact on young people in pathways to homelessness and implications for intervention effectiveness

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