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Associate Professor Hadi Ghaderi

Associate Professor, Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Dr Hadi Ghaderi is an Associate Professor and the Major Discipline Coordinator for Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Swinburne Business School. Hadi has more than 10 years of teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Australia. Hadi’s teaching practice is strategically intertwined with his research portfolio, which enables him to provide students with cutting-edge, up-to-date and practical knowledge in logistics and supply chain management. In 2018, Hadi received the Faculty of Business and Law Teaching Excellence Award for enhancing and inspiring student learning through problem-based and context-based learning.

Hadi is also the Program Leader for Supply Chain Analytics at Swinburne Data Science Research Institute. The focus of this program is on building supply chain capability by sensing various data sources and providing advanced analytics for smarter decision making. Hadi is also associated with Swinburne Smart City Research Institute by leading a research stream on Disruptive mobility. Hadi has led a number of industry-engaged research projects in the area of Supply Chain Digitalisation and Transformation. His research interest is focused around supply chain digitalisation, supply chain optimisation, operations management, business logistics, intelligent transport systems, ports and maritime economics. 

Research interests

Intermodal Transport; Integrated Transport Systems; Rail Freight Transport; Collaborative Supply Chain Management; Port Management and Economics; Supply Chain Optimisations; Operations Management; Operations Research

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Associate Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Transportation, Logistics And Supply Chains - 350900
  • Operations Research - 490108
  • Logistics - 350903
  • Supply Chains - 350909

Teaching areas

Operations Management;Supply Chain Management;Logistics Management;Warehousing and Distribution;Integrated Transport Systems;Intermodal Transport;Freight Transport;Freight Forwarding


  • 2023, National, Finalist - Excellence in Research and Development Award Category, Intelligent Transport Systems Australia
  • 2021, National, Finalist and recipient of the High Commendation,Education, Training & Development Category (Team Award), 60th Anniversary of Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards
  • 2019, Swinburne, FSET Research Collaboration across Non-Traditional Boundaries Award, Swinburne
  • 2018, Swinburne, Teahcing Excellence Award (Experienced Lecturer), Swinburne


Also published as: Ghaderi, Hadi; Ghaderi, H.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2022: Australian Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) of BEV, FCEV and Diesel Trucks *; IVECO Trucks Australia limited
  • 2022: CLOCS-A Journey Location identifier *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Data-integrated Visualization and Analytics (DiVA) Platform for Transport Emissions, Efficiency and Sustainability *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Emissions and economic modelling of road and rail freight in NSW *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: iMOVE Australia Limited (?iMOVE?), Level Crossing Removal Project (?LXRP?) - Construction industry supply chain data sharing framework *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Innovative road network pricing models for managing travel demand and promoting low carbon mobility *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Project 3-029 Creating our future transport and mobility workforce: Understanding the workforce implications of transport digitalisation and automation in Australia *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Prospects for decarbonising freight transport in Australia: A comparative evaluation of electric and hydrogen vehicles powered from renewable energy *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: A low cost IoT-based solution for Tracking and Monitoring of Freight Consignments *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Aerostructures Innovation Research Hub (AIR Hub) *; VIC Department of Education and Training
  • 2021: Estimation of freight origin-destination activity using video analytics and traffic counts *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: International best practice digitisation in transport and freight: Lessons for Australia *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Mobile 5G IoT Solution for Data Driven Road Asset Maintenance in Brimbank *; Australian 5G Innovation Initiative
  • 2021: Replacement Bus Patronage Counting and Wait Time Measurement *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: A low-cost labeling solution for product authentication *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: Australian Freight Carbon Calculator *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: Dashboard of Intelligent Last Mile Delivery in City Logistics by Integrating Multiple Crowd Movements by Parcel Lockers *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: Data-driven Operation Research for Cleaner Production in Logistics and Transportation *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: Development and Evaluation of Transformative Commercial Urban Delivery Solutions *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: Smart City Logistics based on Minimal Information Sharing for Maximising Returns and Reputation of Business Alliance *; iMOVECRC
  • 2019: Application of Blockchain in port supply chains - Student J Decolongon *; iMOVECRC
  • 2019: Assessment of data requirement for a Supply Chain Traceability Platform *; Bondi Laboratories Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Development and Trial of an IoT Solution for labelling consistency and integrity in meat export supply chains *; Australian Meat Processor Corporation
  • 2019: Digital Wallets: The impacts, implications and issues *; 460degrees_PT
  • 2019: Parcel Movement Optimisation *; Passel_PT
  • 2018: Bus replacement services for rail passenger service disruptions *; iMOVECRC
  • 2018: Undergraduate Prorgam Co-ordinator *; iMOVECRC

* Chief Investigator