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Enrolment amendment

When to use this form

You must only submit this form if:

A unit(s) is not appearing on your Study Plan: Your request will be assessed and if approved, the requested units will be added* to your Study Plan for you to enrol into online. *You will receive an email notification once these units have been added.

You want to change your major or minor: Please note: If you wish to change a tagged major, identifiable by the brackets at the end of a course title (e.g. Bachelor of Business (Accounting)), you will need to complete an online course transfer request..

You are enrolled in an untagged degree (Arts, Business or Science) and wish to graduate with a tagged major: e.g. you are enrolled in the Bachelor of Business and want to graduate with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting).

You are an international student wishing to underload: If you are on a student visa and unable to complete a full-time study load, complete and submit this form to withdraw from a unit. You must provide an explanation and include evidence to support your request to underload.

You want to withdraw from a unit after the Census date: For more information on the last day to withdraw from units without incurring financial liability and academic penalty please visit Academic Calendar. Please note you cannot withdraw from a unit after the last day of classes for the teaching period.

You want to overload in the next Semester: You need to have completed at least 50 Credit points and have an overall average of 60%

You are studying through OUA (Open Universities Australia) and wish to enrol into an on-campus unit or a Swinburne Online unit

You are studying through Swinburne Online (SOL) and wish to enrol into an on-campus unit or a Hawthorn Online unit

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