The Space Technology and Industry Institute team brings together expertise in astronomy, aerospace, aviation and applications of technology for space – from developing new materials that are lighter and stronger, tailoring surface coatings for multifunctional purposes, ‘super-resolving’ artificial intelligence to improve satellite images, and even creating novel new engineering processes to support the exploration of our solar system.

Associate members

Extraterrestrial Resource Processing

Program leader: Professor Geoffrey Brooks

Astrophysics and Space Science

Professor Alan Duffy

Extractive Metallurgy and Solar Thermal Research

Professor Geoffrey Brooks

Materials Recycling and Refining

Professor Akbar Rhamdhani

Minerals Automation (CSIRO Minerals)

Dr Chad Hargrave

Minerals Characterisation (CSIRO Minerals)

Dr Mark Pownceby

Minerals Geology (CSIRO Minerals)

Dr Jane Hodgkinson

Product Design and Materials Recycling

Associate Professor Boris Eisenbart

Robotics and Automation

Dr Michelle Dunn

Solidification and Processing of Metals

Associate Professor Yvonne Durandet

Microgravity Experimentation

Program leader: Dr Rebecca Allen

Space Medicine and Health

Professor Jeremy Brown

Biotech Applications

Dr Bita Zaferanloo

Dr Huseyin Sumer

Smart Experiment Platform 

Cross-institute program

Swinburne Youth Space Innovation Challenge

Dr Sara Webb

Space Manufacturing

Program leader: Dr Sam Meure

Large Area Construction

Dr Alexey Kondyurin

Radioactive Hardening

Cross-institute program

Thermal Management

Cross-institute program

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