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Associate Professor (Composite Materials)


Associate Professor Nishar Hameed is a research leader in composite materials. He joined Swinburne in July 2016 and completed his ARC DECRA Fellowship during 2017-2020. Prior to joining Swinburne, Nishar was a Research Fellow at Carbon Nexus, Deakin University, where he completed his PhD winning the Best Doctoral Thesis Award followed by an Alfred Deakin Post Doc Fellowship.

Nishar’s research is mainly focused on the design and development of advanced polymers, composites and hybrid materials. He has published nearly 100 high impact journal papers, 67 book chapters, 5 edited books and 3 patents. He was invited to edit the first ever Hand Book on Epoxy Blends which was published in two volumes in 2017. His several achievements include many “firsts” in the field, inspiring many follow-up studies. Nishar's research focusses on carbon fibre composites, multifunctional epoxy resins, graphene enabled coatings and composites and graphene sensors.

His recent innovations include; world’s first smart graphene sensor technology for structural health monitoring of composites; fastest curing epoxy resin formulation; ballistic impact sensing technology for body/vehicle armours; commercialized technology for processing and reuse of end of life tyres.

Nishar won many awards as he advances his research career including Bayreuth Humboldt Centre Award, Smart Geelong Researcher of the Year, Young Tall Poppy Award, Phillip Law Award and prestigious fellowships including Victoria Fellowship, two Endeavour Fellowships and Australian Academy of Sciences AIECR and FASIC Fellowships .
He has held visiting appointments at Rice University, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Kentucky, CNRS Montpellier, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.

Research interests

composites; polymers; carbon fibre; graphene; smart materials; resins

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

PhD topics and outlines

Automated Composite Manufacturing: 

Composite Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring: 

Graphene nanocomposites and functional materials:

Ionic liquid synthesis and applications: 

Nanostructured Polymers: 

Novel Rapid Cure Resins: 

Smart Composite Materials: 

Valorization of Industrial Biomass: 


Available to supervise honours students.

Fields of Research

  • Composite And Hybrid Materials - 401602
  • Polymers And Plastics - 401609
  • Macromolecular And Materials Chemistry - 340300

Teaching areas

ENG10002-Engineering Materials;ADM80007-Surface Engineering;EAT80003-Professional Practice in Engineering;ENG80002-Engineering Master Major Thesis;CVE80017/ENG80001-Research Project


  • 2022, International, Humboldt Centre Fellowship, Bayreuth Humboldt Centre
  • 2021, Swinburne, Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence , ARC ITTC SEAM
  • 2018, National, Young Tall Poppy Award, Australian Institute of Policy and Science
  • 2018, Swinburne, Vice-Chancellor's Industry Engagement Award, Swinburne University
  • 2018, National, Phillip Law Award 2018 , The Royal Society of Victoria
  • 2018, National, Best Innovation Pitch Award from Hon Christopher Pyne 2018 (Swinburne-Imagine team), Land Forces 2018
  • 2016, Swinburne, • Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research: Early Career Researcher (Highly Commended), Swinburne
  • 2016, Other, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Australian Research Council
  • 2015, National, Endeavour Research Fellowship 2016, Federal Government
  • 2014, National, FASIC (France–Australia Science Innovation Collaboration) Fellowship, Australian Academy of Science
  • 2014, International, FameLab Australia 2014 (Vic State Heat Finalist), British Council and Cheltenham Festivals
  • 2014, National, Endeavour Research Fellowship, Federal Government
  • 2013, National, The Victoria Fellowship, Government of Victoria
  • 2013, National, Fresh Science Vic State Finalist , Science In Public
  • 2013, National, CASS Foundation Travel Award, Contributing to Australian Scholarship and Science Foundation
  • 2012, Other, Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research: Early Career Researcher , Deakin University
  • 2012, National, Australia-India Fellowship , Australian Academy of Science
  • 2011, Other, The Alfred Deakin Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement - The Best Doctoral Thesis , Deakin University
  • 2011, International, Alfred Deakin Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Deakin University
  • 2011, National, AINSE Travel Award , Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • 2010, Other, Smart Geelong Researcher of the Year – Early Researcher Award , Smart Geelong Network
  • 2009, National, AINSE Post Graduate Research Award , Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Professional memberships

  • 2017 (current): Chair, RACI Carbon Division , Australia
  • 2017 (current): Board Member, Australian Carbon Society, Australia
  • 2013 (current): Board Member, RACI Vic Polymer Division , Australia


Also published as: Hameed, Nishar; Hameed, N.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2022: Brown Carbon Innovation Australia Limited - (Student Top up) Novel Layered Carbon Materials *; Brown Coal Innovation Australia Limited Fund Scheme
  • 2022: INT - 1161 Advanced Manufacturing of Biosensors (Ahmed Al-Qatatsheh) *; Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Intern Program
  • 2022: Production of 3d printable antifouling polymers via polymer blending *; Defence Science Technology Group
  • 2021: Composite spacers from recycled plastics and rubber *; Recycling Victoria Research and Development Fund
  • 2021: Development of a large format FFF polymer printing capability for production of maritime components *; Defence Science Institute Collaborative Research Grants
  • 2021: Light weight fire retardant building cladding *; Critical Minerals Technologies Pty Ltd Fund Scheme
  • 2021: Mechanical Characterisation of Epoxy based Polymers and Coating *; Sparc Technologies Limited - Partnership
  • 2021: Nanomaterial thermal dissipation *; APR Internship Program
  • 2021: Scalable Graphene Enabled Smart Composites *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2020: Graphene-enabled Structural Health Monitoring *; Defence Innovation Hub - Innovation Contract
  • 2020: In-situ small angle scattering analysis to investigate the alignment of graphene flakes under the magnetic field. *; AINSE Research Award
  • 2019: ARC Training Centre in Surface Engineering for Advanced Materials (SEAM) *; ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres
  • 2019: High Value Carbon Materials from Brown Coal *; GrapheneX Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Industry 4.0 manufacturing of high-volume lightweight composites *; Global Innovation Linkages Program
  • 2019: Manikin Flash Fire Evaluation System for Material Thermal Protection *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme
  • 2018: Automation of High Volume Composite Component Manufacture *; Ford Motor Company Fund Scheme
  • 2017: Hybrid Composite Materials and Structures *; DMTC
  • 2017: Polymers with controllable networks *; ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
  • 2017: Virtual Digitalisation with RFID Technology for Steel Fabrication *; Innovation Connections
  • 2016: Thermoset materials scoping studyDMTC Project 9.45 *; DMTC

* Chief Investigator

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