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Apply to omit results from your GPA calculation

Students can request to have results, other than fail results, omitted from their GPA calculation.

For results released on or after 30 June 2020

Students can make a request to have a specific result/grade removed from their GPA calculation through the online form below. The deadline to submit is 10 business days after your result is released.

For results released before 30th June 2020

For any results released earlier in 2020 as detailed on the list of teaching periods submission must be made before 30th July 2020. Please refer to our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Student FAQ for further information.

If the request is approved, your results (HD, D, C etc.) will appear on your Statement of Results. However, each result/s you requested not to be used in your GPA calculation will marked with an asterisk (HD*, D*, C*) The asterisk confirms the result has been excluded from your GPA calculation and will be noted accordingly on your Statement of Results.

Students will receive confirmation via their Swinburne email when the process has been completed.

Is this form for you?

You must be a higher education student wanting to exclude results from your GPA calculation. You must have achieved at least a PASS grade for the units you wish to exclude.

When should you use this form?

This form can be used for all Higher Education teaching periods that commenced in 2020 (with the exception of the Summer 2020 period) and also includes OUA Study Period 4 2020 and SOL Study Period 3 2020 which are resulted in 2021. It will not include the 2021 Summer Period or future Teaching Periods. Applications should be submitted no more than 10 business days after the release of results in your latest teaching period.

Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

    Personal Details

    Enrolment Details

    Units of study for which a review of GPA is sought

    Student declaration

    I hereby apply for my unit results submitted herein be omitted from my GPA calculation.

    I understand that if this application is incorrect, incomplete or submitted later than 10 business days after the release of results, that this application will not be processed.

    I agree to the terms stated above