What your grades mean

Grades are used to give an indication of your progress through your course. They are only one part of measuring your overall academic progress at Swinburne

For certain courses, Swinburne can now measure performance with the widely used Grade Point Average (GPA) system.

If you're having difficulty understanding your grades, always talk to your unit convenor first.

Past results and what they mean

Grades systems can change over time.

The current schema has been in place since 2014, also the year Swinburne adopted the use of the four-point Grade Point Average (GPA) system for both higher education and vocational education (VE; diploma and above).

Below is a summary of current and previously used Swinburne result categories. It includes categories of institutions now merged with Swinburne University.

Results categories by year and Swinburne study area

Swinburne areaCurrentBefore 2014
Higher education 2014 to present 1992 to 2013
Unilink, Foundation and ELICOS Present  
Vocational education (VE; formerly TAFE) 1992 to present 1976 to 2013

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