Pathways to further study

Pathways provide an entry option into postgraduate courses based on your individual situation.

Most of our postgraduate coursework programs have a ‘nested’ qualification structure, providing flexible entry and exit points. You might like to start modestly and build on each qualification as you go. Start with a graduate certificate, move to a graduate diploma and then on to a master degree.

If you have to withdraw from your course early, you could still exit with a formal qualification that recognises your work done to date.

And we may be able to recognise prior skills, experience and study, so that you can gain credit towards your course.

Honours to postgraduate study

Many undergraduate degrees at Swinburne offer an additional specialised honours (fourth) year. An honours year allows you to take your undergraduate studies to a more advanced level. It involves a substantial original piece of research, presented as a thesis, and is a point of entry into postgraduate research studies.

  • Find out more about undertaking an honours year

Degrees with honours

Some degrees in selected study areas, such as design and engineering, have an honours year built into the course. This means that you graduate with the advanced research skills and knowledge needed to progress to postgraduate research studies.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have on-the-job experience, informal or employer-based training, you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL acts as credit towards a qualification to ensure you aren't training in skills you already have.

When you apply for RPL you may be required to submit a portfolio or undertake a formal assessment. However, there are circumstances where you can obtain credit towards a qualification without formal assessment.

Contact the future students team to find out more. If you are a current student please fill in the form below. 

Credit transfer

If you are switching university and would like credit for previous studies, you are welcome to apply. If your application for credit is accepted, you will still be required to complete a minimum of your postgraduate course at Swinburne.

Credit transfer requirements

For a postgraduate qualification to be awarded from Swinburne, a minimum of 50% must be completed at Swinburne. Therefore, if you are studying a graduate certificate, a minimum of two subjects (25 credit points) must be completed at Swinburne. If you’re studying a graduate diploma, a minimum of four subjects (50 credit points) must be completed. For a master degree of 12 units, a minimum of six subjects (75 credit points*) must be completed and a maximum of six subjects (75 credit points) of credit will be allowed. *Some exceptions may apply.

Exemptions are not often granted for subjects passed more than 10 years prior to the date of your admission, but may be in certain circumstances.

While credit is not normally given in postgraduate courses for studies completed at undergraduate level, exemptions may be considered in situations where prior studies would otherwise be duplicated.

Higher degrees by research

Swinburne offers a range of research degrees where you will develop advanced investigative skills in your field.

English language courses

Swinburne offers a range of English language courses to suit a variety of needs.

General Education courses

Our General Education courses cover reading, writing, numeracy and computer skills and are appropriate for those from both English speaking and non-English speaking backgrounds who may have left school before Year 11 or had disruptions to their formal education.

English Language Skills courses

Our English Language Skills courses are appropriate for migrants and refugees seeking to develop their English speaking, reading and writing skills, and knowledge of Australian culture in order to reach personal career or education goals.

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Our English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) are perfect for international students seeking entry to Swinburne in order to study a certificate, diploma, bachelor degree or postgraduate degree.

Learn about Swinburne's Masters Qualifying Program – Business, a course designed for international students seeking to study a postgraduate degree in business who do not meet the English language and/or academic entry requirements.