Conceded pass (mark of 45–49)

If you're an undergraduate and achieve a mark of between 45 and 49 in a unit and meet all of the following criteria, you may be granted a conceded pass if:

  • The unit does not satisfy a prerequisite requirement
  • You are not enrolled in a single unit only
  • You have never previously been granted a conceded pass (you can only be granted a conceded pass once). 

If your course is for professional accreditation, you may not be eligible for a conceded pass. 

How to apply 

Normally, you don’t have to apply for a conceded pass; it is awarded as part of the results process if you meet all eligibility criteria.

However, if you feel you do meet all the criteria but have not been granted a conceded pass (or would like to have a conceded pass removed from your results) you can complete and submit a conceded pass application.


You’ll find out the result of this application via your Swinburne student email account. Check your Swinburne email regularly or redirect it to an email you check frequently. You’ll need to respond promptly to requests for action or information supporting your application.