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Statement of Attainment Request

Please note the following guidelines:

  • A Statement of Attainment is generally processed within two business days, except in peak times four days may be required.
  • In order to have your request processed you must supply a current address and it must match that held by Swinburne.
  • If you have changed your address and not notified Swinburne, you can do so via Current Students.
  • Your Statement of Attainment can only be mailed to the address you have supplied Swinburne.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible for incomplete requests to be processed.
  • Every student that graduates will receive one free copy of their Statement of Attainment at the time of graduation. Statements will be presented to students at their graduation ceremony, or will be mailed to them two weeks after the ceremony date if they are graduating in absentia.
  • Students requesting skill set as part of their Statement of Attainment receive first copy free.
  • Statement of Attainments cost $25 per original copy per course and $25 for each additional copy required. You will be contacted for payment once your request has been processed.

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Please note: Current students must provide their official Swinburne email address eg. Responses to current students will only be sent to the official student email account.

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Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

Swinburne University of Technology collects, uses and destroys personal information in order to locate student invoices and verify the student's postal address and will use the information only for locating student invoices and verifying the student's postal address in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

I understand that if the request that I submit is incorrect or incomplete that my request will not be processed.