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Course transfer request (international students)

To be eligible to transfer, you must have completed at least one semester of study.

Please log into StudyLink and submit your application online. You will need to ensure you answer the following questions correctly:

  • Are you a current Swinburne student?
  • Are you intending to apply for an internal course transfer?

We will be unable to make a decision on your transfer request until we can access your academic results for the semester you are currently completing.

If your course transfer request is approved you will receive a new offer. Please note, that you will pay the tuition fee applicable for the new course in the academic year it commences.

You will need to accept this offer, submit a completed and signed Acceptance of Offer form, and provide evidence of valid OSHC as indicated in your offer letter before you can enrol in your new course.

Once we receive your signed Acceptance of Offer form, we will arrange for you to be withdrawn from your previous course of study.

Exemptions need to be finalised prior to us making an offer and course transfers will close at 5pm Friday, two weeks prior to class commencement. Any course transfer request received after this date will be assessed for the following semester.

Please note: If you have a Swinburne scholarship, any change to your current enrolment will result in the loss of this scholarship as per the conditions in your original offer letter.