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Show Cause submission form

This form is applicable to Higher Education (HED), Open Universities Australia (OUA), Pathways and Vocational Education (PAVE) and Foundation and Pathways Program students only.

Swinburne Online (SOL) students should access the Swinburne Online show cause portal.

If you’ve been asked to show cause, you must complete this form, upload any supporting documentation and submit it no more than 5 working days from the date of your ‘Show Cause’ letter. For help with your submission read what to do if you’re asked to show cause.

Fields marked with Mandatory are mandatory

Personal Details

The University will contact you via your Swinburne Student email address and you will need to check this regularly until you are advised your Progress Review outcome. Please ensure you check and update your personal details via the 'Manage my details' section of the Current Students webpage.

Course Details

Which ‘School’ do I belong to? Explore Schools & Departments here

Written Submission

Please write a submission addressing the following 4 sections: Mandatory

  • Describe the circumstances that have affected your studies:
    For example, were there any health, family, relationship or employment issues that had an impact on your ability to study? Describe how these circumstances affected your studies.

1500 characters left

  • Describe anything you have done to overcome these circumstances:
    Describe any solutions or protective measures you have in place, or about to put in place, that will help you manage your studies. If the circumstances that affected your studies are no longer an issue, please tell us (eg medical condition healed/overcome).

1500 characters left

  • Prior progress review interviews or show cause:
    If you have been asked to Show Cause or meet with a Progress Review Panel previously, please tell us what steps you took to follow up any recommendations they made or conditions that you were told to follow. (eg Did you meet with an Academic Development Advisor)

1500 characters left

  • Additional information that may assist the progress review committee:
    Have you attended most of your classes throughout the year? How many hours per week do you usually study outside of class time? Are you aware of the support services the University provides?

1500 characters left

Academic Progress Plan

Supporting Documentation

All accompanying documentation, including medical certificates, must be original or certified copies. You may like to keep a copy for your records. Documentation will not be returned.

If there is further evidence which is not available at the time of submission, please state this in your submission, indicating when it will be available. You must submit all evidence which is reasonably available at the time of your review.


Submission Checklist

I have completed all sections of this form. Mandatory
I have checked that my correct contact details are recorded on the 'Manage my details' section of the Current Students website Mandatory
I have attached all relevant documentation in support of my submission.
I have attached a copy of my Academic Progress Plan.

Student declaration

I have read the Academic Courses Regulation and the Academic Progress Policy.

I am aware that failure to provide supporting documentation that is reasonably available at the time of submission, or not checking my student email account are not grounds for appealing the outcome of my progress review.

I am aware that I must be available for a hearing if required and acknowledge that failure to attend the hearing may result in automatic exclusion.