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Complaints and Feedback

Swinburne University of Technology is committed to providing a positive educational experience. We appreciate and value your feedback.

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Your Details

If you are a current Swinburne student, you should use your Swinburne student email address, as the University's official email communication method.

Type of Feedback

Local resolution is an important step in resolving your matter promptly and locally with the appropriate area of the University. If you have not attempted local resolution you may be directed to do so before your formal complaint is processed. For results, reassessment or special consideration, students must first attempt local resolution within 10 days of receiving results. A formal complaint must then be submitted within 21 working days.

How can you attempt to resolve your matter locally?

  • Contact the area that can help you resolve your issue (e.g. studentHQ, your teaching department, Global Engagement)
  • Search our Ask George FAQs to see if there are instructions available for resolving your issue, or submit an online enquiry
  • Make an appointment with a specialist (e.g. Enrolment Specialist, SwinCounselling support, International Student Adviser, academic staff member, Swinburne Student Life Advocacy Officer).
  • The local resolution process is outlined on the Request a recheck of your mark web page for results and assessment/marking issues.
  • Always keep the records of your attempt at local resolution to support a future complaint submission (if needed). If you haven't attempted local resolution you will be requested to do so before a formal complaint will be considered.

Indicate the main topic of your complaint or feedback (if your feedback spans multiple topics, choose the most significant or relevant, then provide further details in your complaint summary).

Your complaint or feedback Mandatory

Please tell us about your complaint or feedback. It is important that you clearly specify details such as:

  • unit codes/titles and course code/title
  • staff member names
  • dates, teaching periods, locations.

For assessment complaints, you must specify:

  • the date you received your result
  • details of the reassessment you are seeking
  • where possible, provide evidence of your attempt at local resolution (e.g. email exchanges).

You may also upload supporting documents before you submit this form.

Details of your attempt at local resolution Mandatory

Please include information such as the avenues you have tried, staff you have dealt with, and relevant dates. For assessment complaints, ensure you have evidence of attempting local resolution within 10 days of receiving your result. You may also upload supporting documents below.

What action would you like us to take to resolve your matter?

Upload Documents

You can attach up to 10 documents to support your feedback. Accepted document formats are: GIF, JPG, DOC, DOCX, PDF. Maximum document size is 3MB.


Applicant's Declaration

Swinburne University of Technology collects, uses and destroys your information in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

I declare that my submission is true and correct. I consent to the university verifying and investigating my written statement and any associated documentation submitted