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An appeal is the second step in the review and appeals process. If you have received a review outcome and you are dissatisfied with the University’s decision, you can apply for an appeal of that decision.

Can I apply for an appeal?

You can apply for an appeal of a University decision if:

  • you have received a review outcome
  • you apply within 21 working days of receiving notice of the review decision
  • you have one or more grounds for appeal.

Grounds for appeal

You must identify one or more of the following grounds for appeal:

  • There was relevant evidence which could not have been known by you prior to the review and was not taken into account by the review officer
  • A procedural irregularity occurred which may have affected the review officer's decision
  • The decision was manifestly wrong
  • The penalty imposed was manifestly excessive
  • The review officer failed to make a decision within 21 working days.

How do I apply for an appeal?

Who can help me apply for an appeal?

Swinburne Student Life student advocates - If you need help applying for an appeal, you can have a confidential appointment with one of their independent advocates, who can help you to apply for an appeal.

Further avenues

You also have a right to request an external review. External agencies may require that you exhaust the University's review and appeals process before they will consider your case.