We work together to develop connected health professionals of the future. Through our research, we create knowledge that will shape the future of health. Our research and teaching is informed by science, research and evidence, literacy in digital health, entrepreneurship, and advanced skills in interprofessional collaboration. Our entry-level courses are all accredited by external professional bodies and are recognised for innovation and application of emerging technology and practice throughout all our research, service and educational offerings. 

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Name Position Contact Location
Sarah Barradell Senior Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5516
Dr Donny Camera Lecturer, Occupational Therapy  dcamera@swinburne.edu.au SR206
Fiona D'Costa-Box Lecturer, Nursing fdcostabox@swinburne.edu.au SR level 1
WS level 2
Mishelle Dehaini Lecturer, Nursing mdehaini@swinburne.edu.au SR103
Dr Nastaran Doroud Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy  ndoroud@swinburne.edu.au SR206
Leah Dowling Lecturer, Nutrition and Dietetics ldowling@swinburne.edu.au SPW218
Joshua Farragher Lecturer, Physiotherapy jfarragher@swinburne.edu.au SPW building
Nathan Forsyth Lecturer, Nursing nforsyth@swinburne.edu.au SR building
Dr Charlotte Ganderton Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 3539
SPW level 2
Karen Hall Lecturer, Nursing kehall@swinburne.edu.au SR building
Claire Hines Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5752
SPW level 2
Professor Roger Hughes Discipline Lead and Course Director, Dietetics mhughes@swinburne.edu.au SPW level 2
Stephen Keenan Lecturer, Nutrition and Dietetics skeenan@swinburne.edu.au SPW218
Robin Lovell Lecturer, Occupational Therapy +61 3 9214 5191
Mohammad Mosayed Ullah Lecturer, Occupational Therapy  mmullah@swinburne.edu.au SR206
Professor Lisa O'Brien Discipline Lead and Course Director, Occupational Therapy +61 3 9214 4935
SR building, level 2
Dr Adrian Pranata Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5118
SPW level 2
Irene Simonda Lecturer, Nursing  isimonda@swinburne.edu.au SR building
Josephine Tighe Lecturer, Nursing jtighe@swinburne.edu.au SR building

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