We work together to develop connected health professionals of the future. Through our research, we create knowledge that will shape the future of health. Our research and teaching is informed by science, research and evidence, literacy in digital health, entrepreneurship, and advanced skills in interprofessional collaboration. Our entry-level courses are all accredited by external professional bodies and are recognised for innovation and application of emerging technology and practice throughout all our research, service and educational offerings. 

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  • Nursing

    Join the frontline of the medical profession and help those in need

  • Shopping bag full of fresh vegetables and fruits

    Nutrition and Dietetics

    We know we should eat healthily — so what stops us making the right choices? Discover how physiology and nutrition impacts health with a nutrition course.
  • GPR - Global Postural Re-education, doctor doing stretching on her patient's legs


    With a physiotherapy course, you can join one of the world's most rapidly evolving fields and help patients with injuries, disabilities and illness to achieve their best possible life.
  • A female occupational therapist holding leg and foot of a male patient with a bandage in his ankle.

    Occupational Therapy

    Study occupational therapy and pursue a rewarding career that helps people with their health and rehabilitation so they can live their lives to the fullest.

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Our people

Dr Helen Almond Lecturer, Digital Health +61 3 9214 3374 halmond@swinburne.edu.au SPW201
Ms Sarah Barradell Senior Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5516 sbarradell@swinburne.edu.au SPW218
Associate Professor Regina Belski Discipline lead and Course Director, Dietetics +61 3 9214 4354 rbelski@swinburne.edu.au SPW217
Ms Jo Cairney Lecturer, Occupational Therapy +61 3 9214 8257 jcairney@swinburne.edu.au SR206
Ms Jess Clack Lecturer, Placement Coordinator +61 3 9214 8662 jclack@swinburne.edu.au SR building
Dr Clare Cole Lecturer, Nursing +61 3 9214 5709 ccole@swinburne.edu.au SR103
Ms Robyn Delbridge Lecturer, Dietetics +61 3 9214 3446 rdelbridge@swinburne.edu.au SPW218
Ms Leah Dowling Lecturer, Dietetics +61 3 9214 8660 ldowling@swinburne.edu.au SPW212
Associate Professor Doa El-Ansary Discipline Lead and Course Director, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5830 delansary@swinburne.edu.au SPW level 2
Dr Charlotte Ganderton Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 3539 cganderton@swinburne.edu.au SPW level 2
Dr Loretta Garvey Senior Lecturer, Nursing +61 3 9214 5813 lgarvey@swinburne.edu.au
Ms Claire Hines Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5752 chines@swinburne.edu.au SPW level 2
Dr Carol Hullin Senior Lecturer, Digital Health +61 3 9214 5616 chullin@swinburne.edu.au SPW level 2, desk 47
Dr Samira Kerbage Lecturer, Nursing +61 4202038341 skerbage@swinburne.edu.au SR building
Dr Annie Lassemillante Lecturer, Dietetics +61 3 9214 4395 alassemillante@swinburne.edu.au SPW218
Georgina Latimer Lecturer, Dietetics +61 3 9214 8370 glatimer@swinburne.edu.au SPW218
Ms Robin Lovell Lecturer, Occupational Therapy +61 3 9214 5191 rlovell@swinburne.edu.au SR206
Dr Michael Olasoji Senior Lecturer, Nursing +61 3 92101931 molasoji@swinburne.edu.au Wantirna WS building
Professor Neville Owen Distinguished Professor nowen@swinburne.edu.au EW113
Dr Adrian Pranata Lecturer, Physiotherapy +61 3 9214 5118 apranata@swinburne.edu.au SPW level 2
Ms Laurina Schmidt Lecturer, Nursing +61 3 39214 8885 lschmidt@swinburne.edu.au SR1
Associate Professor Georgina Willetts Discipline Lead and Course Director, Nursing +61 3 9214 8747 gwilletts@swinburne.edu.au SR107
Dr Anne Williams Lecturer, Occupational Therapy +61 3 39214 4415 annewilliams@swinburne.edu.au SR206

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