Replacement testamur application form

You can request a replacement testamur if your original has been lost, destroyed or damaged, or if you have changed your name. You must return your original testamur to Swinburne if it has been damaged, or you require a change of name.

You may request digital or paper replacement documents. The following costs apply:

  • Digital - $105
  • Paper sent to an Australian address - $155
  • Paper sent to an international address - $215

Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

    Graduate details

    Testamur replacement details

    Supporting documentation

    We will be unable to process requests if the appropriate supporting documentation is not provided.

    You can attach up to 3 documents. Accepted document formats are: GIF, JPG, DOC, DOCX, PDF. Maximum document size is 2MB.

    Privacy statement

    Swinburne University of Technology collects, uses and destroys personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    Applicant's declaration

    I understand that if the request that I submit is incorrect or incomplete, if my payment or my original testamur is not received by student HQ that my request will not be processed.