Preparing for your graduation ceremony

Follow these five steps to ensure you're ready for your graduation ceremony.

1. Confirm your attendance

Sign in to My graduation and choose the option to attend your graduation ceremony.

If you're studying a vocational education Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Certificate IV, the instructions for confirming your attendance at the ceremony are in a letter accompanying your graduation documents.

Check the graduation process for more information. 

For more information about manging your graduation online, see our help guide Graduation: How to manage your Graduation online [PDF 350KB].

2. Book your tickets

You don't need to book a ticket for yourself, but you must book tickets for friends and family who wish to attend your graduation ceremony.

You will be automatically allocated a graduate seat when you order your regalia and/or purchase guest tickets. Your seat allocation will be given to you on the day of graduation (at registration).

  • Book tickets for your ceremony through GFP Graduations.
  • Bookings open four weeks before your graduation ceremony date. You should book them as soon as possible.
  • Generally, you can book as many tickets as you like.
  • Tickets are $44 each (including GST) and are available on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out. Tickets will be automatically emailed to you after payment.

Information for overseas students

If you have family overseas wishing to attend your ceremony in Melbourne, you’ll need to make all travel arrangements yourself; Swinburne does not offer this service. 

Complete and submit a Status Letter request form if you have not yet completed your course but expect to soon. This letter may be used to substantiate visa applications for visiting family. 

3. Hire your gown and regalia

You'll need to hire or purchase the right regalia for your ceremony. This includes a gown, a hood or stole, and a trencher (cap). The regalia you need to wear varies according to your qualification.

Hire your regalia for your ceremony through GFP Graduations.

Wearing the gown and trencher at your ceremony is compulsory. If you haven't ordered your gown in advance, you won't be allowed to graduate. Trenchers are not available to hire: they must be purchased.

4. Book your photography

Book professional photos of your graduation day through Swinburne’s official photographers GFP Graduations

You can also arrange photography on the day of your ceremony.

Even if you don't pre-book photography, GFP Graduations will take a photo of you on stage accepting your award, which you can later buy if you like.

5. Know what to expect on the day

You should get familiar with the ceremony’s order of events before the big day so that there are no surprises. 

See What to expect at the ceremony to find out what time to arrive at the venue, what you’ll be expected to do and how long the ceremony goes for.