Academic conduct report application form

The purpose of the form is to enable students to request an academic conduct report and transcript which can be used to support their application for admission to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board.

Who should you this form?

Students who:

  • Have studied law at Swinburne law school either in a single degree, double degree or single units, and
  • Who have applied to Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB) for admission to practise law in Victoria, and
  • Who are within 6 months of the proposed admission date provided by VLAB.


The cost of the academic transcript is AUD$45, applicants will be provided with payment information.


The academic conduct report and an academic transcript will be forwarded directly to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board. We will also provide a copy of the academic conduct report to the email address provided in your application.

Please allow 15 working days for the request to be completed.

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    Applicant's declaration

    I request and consent to the provision of the academic conduct report by Swinburne University to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board. I understand that if the request that I submit is incorrect or incomplete, my request will not be processed.