Fee help and scholarships

Planning your finances is an important part of any overseas study program.

For those thinking of a semester or year-long exchange, if you choose to study at one of our partner universities your tuition fees will be covered. Whatever program you choose (exchange, study abroad or a study tour), you will need to pay for airfares and domestic travel expenses, health and travel insurance, accommodation and living expenses.

Living and internal travel costs will vary considerably depending on your destination and lifestyle. As a very rough guide, for those doing an exchange, you should allow AUD$2000 per month, per semester, though this depends on the average cost of living at the destination you choose.

There are a number of scholarships and funding opportunities to help Swinburne students overseas.

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship is a prestigious Australian Government program that provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to undertake a semester of study or an internship or mentorship in participating Indo-Pacific locations.

Courses eligible

Any bachelor or honours degree.

Eligibility / selection criteria

Nominees must:

  • be an Australian citizen;
  • be enrolled in units at an on-shore campus of an Australian University during the application process;
  • be between 18 and 28 years of age (inclusive) on 1 January 2020;
  • be undertaking a bachelor degree or bachelor honours degree when the scholarship program commences;
  • have achieved a minimum 70 per cent graded average or equivalent for their undergraduate course at the time of application; and
  • not be a previous recipient of a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

Applications for the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program are now open.

For more information about this program, including eligibility requirements, application information and to register for an upcoming information session, please view our New Colombo Plan Scholarship page.

Austudy/Youth Allowance

If you currently receive Austudy or Youth Allowance, you may still be eligible to continue receiving these benefits while on exchange.

You will need to provide Centrelink with evidence that you will be studying full time in an approved student exchange program that will be credited to your Swinburne degree.

Swinburne Abroad can provide you with a letter to meet Centrelink requirements before you depart.


OS-HELP is available for international experiences, including exchange and study tours.

This government scheme provides loans for Australian students of up to $8,149 (as at 2019), depending on your destination and study program.

This loan is added to your HECS debt, which you do not have to repay until your income reaches the minimum repayment threshold.

Before submitting an application for an OS-HELP loan, please ensure you have carefully read through information on loan details, amounts and eligibility in the StudyAssist booklet [PDF, 385KB].

If you intend to apply for an OS-HELP loan, please indicate this on your exchange or study tour application.

You cannot apply for an OS-HELP loan after you have finished you overseas experience; however, an application may still be possible whilst you are undertaking your experience.

To apply, you must complete a Debt Confirmation Form (available via My financials for current students) as well as the OS-HELP application form.

Please submit your OS help application form to the Swinburne Abroad team when you are ready to apply and also complete the steps below to submit your OS Help Dent confirmation form.

To submit your OS-HELP Debt Confirmation form via “My financials” you need to:

  1. Log in to My financials with your SIMS username and password
  2. Click on Help Forms
  3. Click the Add New button to view the list of forms available
  4. Select “OS-HELP Debt Confirmation” and click Complete Form
  5. Complete the required details including your Tax File Number
  6. Click Submit. A success message will appear.

Go to the HELP assistance page for more information submitting an application online. 

Swinburne travel scholarships for exchange

Swinburne offers a number of travel scholarships each semester which are awarded based on merit and ambassadorship. Scholarship applications for Semester 1, 2019 are now open.

Scholarships offered by Swinburne for semester exchange in Semester 1, 2019

  • Australian Government Study in China: 17 x $6,000 scholarships available
  • Australian Government Study in Germany: 2 x $5,000 scholarships available
  • Australian Government Study in Hong Kong: 4 x $5,000 scholarships available
  • Australian Government Study in Sarawak, Malaysia (FSET only): 9 x $5,000 scholarships available

Swinburne Abroad Sarawak Scholarship
10 x $1,000 scholarships available.

Swinburne Abroad ‘Off The Beaten Track’ Scholarship
20 x $500 scholarships available.

Available for eligible students participating in semester exchange to destinations that are not Sarawak, Japan, UK, Ireland, USA or Canada.

Swinburne Abroad Ambassador Scholarship
20 x $500 scholarships available.

Swinburne Abroad Faculty Ambassador Scholarship
6 x $500 scholarships available.

Swinburne Abroad Equity Grants
Students do not need to apply and will be selected by Swinburne for these grants.

This scholarship is available towards any type of Swinburne mobility program.

5 x $2,000 scholarships available.

How to apply for a Swinburne Abroad scholarship

Swinburne Abroad Travel Scholarship applications for Semester 1 2019 have now closed.

Applications for Swinburne Abroad Travel Scholarships for Sarawak have now closed.

Overseas internship scholarships

Overseas Internship Scholarships are available for students undertaking an internship between November 2018 - February 2019.

Overseas Internship Scholarship

30 x $500 scholarships available.

How to apply for an Overseas Internship Scholarship

Overseas Internship Scholarship applications have now closed.

Travel scholarships offered by overseas institutions

Butex International Scholarships, UK

This scholarship is open to all exchange students going to select UK partner institutions. To be eligible you must have been offered an exchange place at a BUTEX-affiliated UK university.

The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid to you once you have arrived and registered at your host university.

Other countries

Check with the consulate or embassy of your proposed host country to explore other scholarships that may be available.

Piers Fowler Exchange Scholarship

Eligible students studying Aviation or Aviation Managemet can apply for this scholarship to receive $5,000 towards an Exchange semester abroad at selected partner universities.

For more information see the Piers Fowler Exchange Scholarship.

Walter Mangold Language Scholarships

Eligible students who have reached certain levels of language proficiency can apply for this scholarship to receive funds towards an approved Exchange semester abroad.

For more information see the Walter Mangold Trust Fund page.

Charles D’Aprano Memorial Scholarship

Eligible students enrolled in Italian studies can apply for this scholarship to receive $2,000 towards an Exchange semester abroad at selected partner universities.

For more information see the Charles D’Aprano Memorial Scholarship.

Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship are eligible to receive a one-off payment of $2,000 towards an international study experience.

For more information see the Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship.

The New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants

The New Colombo Plan Mobility Program provides funding to Australian universities and consortia to support Australian undergraduate students to participate in semester-based or short-term study, internships, mentorships, practicums and research in 40 host locations across the Indo-Pacific region.

The Mobility Program is open to Australian university undergraduates aged 18–28, with capacity to include some students over 28. 

The advantages of the program 

  • Be supported by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to give you access to high level networks and open doors to future opportunities.
  • Study in the world’s fastest growing region leading to future career opportunities.


To be eligible for a short-term mobility grant, please see main eligibility criteria below:

  • currently studying a bachelor or bachelor (Honours) program onshore
  • an Australian citizen
  • cannot have held dual citizenship or residency for the project destination

Application process

New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants are awarded at the discretion of Swinburne University of Technology.

You will be automatically considered for NCP funding when you apply for an eligible short term or exchange program. You will receive notification that you've been awarded grant funding shortly after applications close.

For information on applying for exchange visit the Swinburne Abroad Office.

Learn more about New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants on the DFAT website.