Swinburne Abroad update

Since international borders are beginning to re-open, our team is planning to start safely re-launching our overseas programs. 

The Semester Exchange program will be the first to depart from Semester 2 2022 onwards with extra consideration, planning and risk assessment to keep our students as safe as possible. Due to the constantly changing landscape, programs are tentative as we remain cautious yet optimistic over the coming months.

Study Tours and Overseas Internships will resume over summer 2022/2023 and these programs will be updated on our website in the coming weeks.

Register your interest and we will be in contact with updates and opportunities as they come up. For any questions, contact exchange@swinburne.edu.au.

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Our study tour programs run for two to four weeks, over the summer and winter semester breaks, and give you the opportunity to learn about industries in other countries and make a difference to the communities you visit.

Benefits of an overseas study tour

Faculty-led, overseas study tours offer incredible learning experiences that combine the adventure of travel as well as the opportunity to gain 12.5 credit points (one full unit) of academic credit.

Other benefits also include:

  • You’ll get the chance to travel with a group of like-minded Swinburne students and make new friends along the way.
  • Study tours are led by an experienced Swinburne academic staff member.
  • Through our partners, you’ll gain unique access to companies, industry and communities around the globe.
  • You’re given the chance to continue your academic progress towards your degree and see the world in the process.

Group trekking through the mountains and enjoying the sunshine

How do overseas study tours work? 

Swinburne Abroad and faculty academics work together to design our range of study tours.

When you register your interest or apply for a study tour, you’ll be invited to attend an information session to give you full details about what’s involved in that particular program. You’ll be guided through the application process by our team and kept up to date from the moment you apply until your tour departs.

Pre-departure sessions packed with helpful information about your tour will be organised and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to meet the other students in your study group before you depart. 

You’ll be led by your Swinburne academic for the full tour and get the unique experience of visiting companies, industry and the local communities of the cities you are in. The study tour will also give you the opportunity to gain 12.5 credit points (one full unit) of academic credit through assessment pieces and reflections from your experience — which means you’ll be progressing towards your degree whilst seeing the world at the same time!

Sound like an incredible opportunity? It is! Check out our upcoming winter and summer study tours.

New study tours information coming soon

We are working on study tours for travel in 2022–23. Please check back soon to find information on your next adventure.

If you have questions, please send us an email  at exchange@swinburne.edu.au.

Funding opportunities

Planning your finances is an important part of any overseas study program. There are a number of scholarships and funding opportunities to help you as a Swinburne student participate in overseas programs. Explore the full range of fee help options and scholarships. Two of the most common options include:

Some study tour programs have Australian government mobility grant funding available. These are listed on the study tour program pages and on our Fee Help and Scholarships page.

OS-HELP is available for credit-bearing international experiences, including exchange, study tours and overseas internships.

The OS-HELP Loan is an Australian Government scheme for Australian students that provides funding for international study experiences. This loan is added to your HECS debt, which you don’t have to repay until your income reaches the minimum repayment threshold.

For example, the maximum loan amounts in 2020 were:

  • A$8,295 for destinations in the Asian region
  • A$6,913 for destinations in any other region

Interested in studying abroad?

Our friendly and well-travelled Swinburne Abroad team can help answer any questions about our overseas study programs.

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