Piers Fowler Exchange Scholarship

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Swinburne University has study exchange arrangements with partner institutions including Western Michigan University (USA) and EBS University of Business and Law (Germany) for Aviation and Aviation (Management) students. The Piers Fowler Exchange Scholarship is offered to provide the recipient with the opportunity to experience operations within the aviation industry internationally, and develop personal relationships and knowledge that will enhance their opportunities upon returning to Australia.

Piers Fowler was an integral part of general and commercial aviation in Australia for over 20 years. Piers combined his love of both aviation and teaching and displayed skill and commitment in all areas of his endeavours. He was a colleague and friend to many at Swinburne. Therefore we are honoured that Piers’ family, through the Piers Fowler Trust, are considering the establishment of a range of initiatives to recognise Piers’ contribution to aviation and his time at Swinburne, first as a student and then a teacher, to continue what he liked to do most – share the skills and learning of aviation with other pilots. This scholarship is to reflect Piers’ own endeavours and achievements in his early aviation career.

Courses eligible

A single or double undergraduate degree in Aviation or Aviation (Management) at Swinburne

Eligibility / selection criteria

This scholarship is open to students who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa
  • Be a current student studying full time in the second or third year in a single or double undergraduate degree in Aviation or Aviation (Management) at Swinburne
  • Be accepted for a 6 month study exchange with a partner institution (including Western Michigan University, USA or EBS University of Business and Law, Germany). The study exchange program should contribute to the completion of a single or double undergraduate degree program in Aviation offered by Swinburne University.
  • Submit a 500-word statement explaining the benefit of the study exchange and the scholarship. Include details of financial hardship, if applicable.


This scholarship is valued at $5,000.

Each student will be given the opportunity of an industry mentor.

How to apply

Please submit a personal statement of no more than 500 words demonstrating the benefit of the study exchange and financial hardship (if applicable). You will also be required to provide a confirmation of your exchange either from Swinburne Study Abroad or your host institution. Send your personal statement and supporting documentation to scholarship@swin.edu.au


All scholarships offered by Swinburne are governed by a set of conditions. Please visit our Scholarship Conditions page for further information.


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