Faculty of Business and Law

Sport Innovation Research Group


The Sport Innovation Research Group conducts work in two areas:

Sport consumer equity and innovation

The study of value creation, brand development, and relationships within and between consumers and organisations in sport markets.

Some sample research areas include:

  • Satisfaction, experience and value creation from consumption of high-involvement sport services and products.
  • Growing and understanding sport brands and audiences, including how consumers perceive sport brands and evaluate brands and organisations who are engaged with sport.
  • Measurement of brand engagement to guide design of real and virtual activities related to building relationships with consumers.
  • Study of ecosystems of innovation, management and organisations in the sport business sector.

Social and policy innovation in sport

The study of sport as a tool for social development and the role of sport within local, national and international policy contexts.

Some sample research areas include:

  • Sport participation as a tool for healthier and more engaged communities.
  • Diversity and inclusion in and via sport, including Indigenous, LGTBIQ, culturally and linguistically diverse, and at-risk and marginalised communities.
  • Sport and corporate social responsibility. How sport is used as both a context for delivering and receiving CSR activities.
  • Sport for development, with a focus on how sport is used by governments, non-governmental organisations, and in professional sports as a mechanism for positive social change.
  • Sport as a tool for diplomacy and international relations, including sport policy and sport’s contribution to sustainable development goals.