Staffed by committed, caring and popular teachers, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a rich variety of socially engaged and vocationally relevant courses. Areas of study are criminology, environmental sustainability, history, global studies, philosophy, politics and international relations, sociology, and Indigenous studies. Our active researchers generate new knowledge with impact on a range of pressing social questions. 

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Name Position Contact Location
Dr Christine Agius Associate Professor, Politics and International Relations +61 3 9214 8584
Dr Damon Alexander Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations +61 3 9214 5798
Dr Aisling Bailey Lecturer, Sociology AS303
Dr Glenda Ballantyne Senior Lecturer, Sociology 400B215
Dr Simone Battiston Senior Lecturer +61 3 9214 8051
Dr Peter Brace Academic Tutor, Philosophy  
Dr Sal Clark Lecturer, Sociology and Politics  
Professor Kay Cook Professor +61 3 9214 4526
Associate Professor Arran Gare Associate Professor, Philosophy +61 3 9214 8539
Emma Gavin Lecturer, Indigenous Studies  
Dr Rob Hoffman Academic Tutor, Politics 400B2
Associate Professor Karen Hughes Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies and History 400B108
Dr Julie Kimber Senior Lecturer, History +61 3 9214 8103
Dr Andrew Kirkpatrick Academic Tutor, Philosophy  
Dr Jeffrey Klooger Academic Tutor, Sociology  
Professor Michael Leach Professor, Politics and International Relations +61 3 9214 5357
Dr Caitlin Mahar Academic Tutor, History  
Associate Professor James Martin Associate Professor, Criminology  
Dr Glenn McLaren Lecturer, Philosophy +61 3 9214 3896
Dr Andrew Peters Senior Lecturer, Indigenous Studies +61 3 9214 5107
Dr Peter Robinson Senior Research Fellow +61 3 9214 4982
Dr Kerry Ryan Lecturer, Politics and History +61 3 9214 4418
Dr Hadi Sohrabi Lecturer, Sociology +61 3 9214 8074
Associate Professor Lorenzo Veracini Associate Professor, History +61 3 9214 8505
Dr Kythera Watson-Bonnice Academic Tutor, Sociology  
Dr Farnaz Zirakbash Academic Tutor, Sociology  

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