The Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology promotes the development of fundamental, applied and industrial research in chemistry, biotechnology and environmental science, with a strong emphasis on innovation and industry collaboration, as well as multidisciplinary research.

We have active research in a number of key strategic areas including battery development, artificial photosynthesis, drug delivery, surface and biointerface science, molecular biotechnology, microbiology, cell biology, environmental biotechnology and sustainability. We also offer a range of postgraduate and honours research projects. We are part of the ARC funded Training Centre, the Centre for Surface Engineering for Advanced Materials (SEAM) and the Centre for Translational Atomaterials

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Our multidisciplinary research is ranked “above or well above world standard” across chemical and biological sciences, engineering and technology as recognised by the Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA). Key areas include physical chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, analytical chemistry, macromolecular and materials chemistry, microbiology, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and materials engineering. 

Our facilities

  • Science beakers with chemicals.

    Chemistry and biotechnology laboratories

    Our chemistry and biotechnology laboratories here at Swinburne support a range of teaching activities as well as applied and industrial research in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science and biotechnology.

Our people

Academic staff

Professor Mark Adams 
Professor of BioScience & Innovation
Ayman Ahmed Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
Dr Vito Butardo
Lecturer in Biotechnology 

+61 3 39214 3715

Dr Brett Cromer 
Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology 
+61 3 92148839 
Louise Dunn
Senior Lecturer in Public and Environmental Health 

+61 3 9214 8770

Dr Daniel Eldridge
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry  

+61 3 9214 5681

Associate Professor Corey Evans Lecturer
Maryam Ghahri Lecturer
Dr Rosalie Hocking
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry 

+61 3 9214 5840

Professor Peter Kingshott
Professor of Surface Engineering, Department Research Director 

+61 3 9214 5033

Dr Peter Mahon
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry 

+61 3 9214 4880

Dr Francois Malherbe
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry 

+61 3 9214 5361

Dr Sarah McLean
Lecturer in Public and Environmental Health 

+61 3 9214 5113

Professor Enzo Palombo
Professor of Microbiology 

+61 3 9214 8571

Tharushi Perera Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Stephen Poropat
Postdoctoral Fellow Palaeontology 

+61 3 9214 5152

Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich
Professor of Palaeobiology
Dr Rohan Shah
Academic Tutor  

+61 3 9214 8

Dr Huseyin Sumer
Lecturer in Biotechnology  

+61 3 9214 8687

Associate Professor Chenghua Sun 
Associate Professor of Chemistry 
+61 3 9214 8893 
Professor Feng Wang
Professor of Chemistry 

+61 3 9214 5065

Dr Hayden Webb
Lecturer in Biotechnology and Chemistry 

+61 3 9214 5183

Associate Professor Aimin Yu
Associate Professor of Chemistry 

+61 3 9214 8161

Dr Bita Zaferanloo
Lecturer in Biotechnology 

+61 3 9214 8214

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