Centre for Urban Transitions

About us

The Centre for Urban Transitions leads research in the science of cities, and urban sustainability transitions. We do this by using different lenses to investigate drivers, patterns, and pathways of urban futures. These lenses produce systemic, integrative and actionable knowledge on cities and how they transform.

What questions do we need to ask when it comes to driving urban transformations?

New ways of urban living
How do everyday practices and behaviours of city-dwellers come together to deliver innovation, entrepreneurship and adaptation in urban living? How can they?

Housing futures
Where and how do urban citizens live? How does this relate to their social and economic welfare?

Urban regeneration
How do we govern the renewal of urban infrastructure to deliver future services? How can we make sure this is resilient to climate change pressures?

What questions are we interested in when it comes to urban futures?

Just cities transitions
How do we ensure accessibility, distribution and openness, for all, in the era of transformation? 

Healthy cities transitions
How can urban planning and governance contribute to better health and well-being for all ? 

Productive cities transitions
How do cities and people thrive in a future of space premiums, resource restraint, automation, artificial intelligence, 3D fabrication and radical decarbonisation?

These are some of the questions that drive us.
Swinburne has a strong history of urban research. This history encourages collaboration opportunities between our Centre and other Swinburne research institutes.  We partner with: