The Manufacturing Futures Research Platform brings together expertise in manufacturing, nanomaterials, nanofabrication, Industry 4.0 and cutting-edge industrial design.

Research associates

Intelligent robotics

Program leader: Associate Professor Mats Isaksson

Field robotics

Associate Professor Jinchuan Zheng (stream leader)

Dr Daniel Prohasky — construction robotics

Dr Canhui Chen

Dr Gergana Rusenova

Artificial intelligence and autonomy

Associate Professor Chris McCarthy (stream leader) 

Associate Professor Jiong Jin — multi-agent systems and cloud robotics

Dr Dana Rezazadegan

Human-robot interaction

Professor Zhenwei Cao (stream leader)

Associate Professor Mats Isaksson

Dr Shanti Krishnan 

Assistive robotics

Professor Sonja Pedell (stream leader)

Dr Michelle Dunn — bio-sensing

Dr Rifai Chai — brain machine interfaces

Associate Professor John McCormick — biomechanics modelling and control

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