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Associate Professor Suresh Palanisamy

Deputy Chair - Department of Mechanical and Product Design Engineering


Associate Professor Suresh Palanisamy is the Director of the Transport Innovation Centre, working closely with the Malaysia Automotive Institute and industry. His work involves research activities in advanced manufacturing technologies and laser ultrasonic non-destructive testing at Swinburne.

Alongside this role, Dr Palanisamy has also been leading a $26 million Air Platforms Program in the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) for the past seven years, and serving as project leader on a number of related research projects.

In his work with DMTC, Dr Palanisamy has played a key role in the engagement of SMEs in both Queensland and Victoria. He has also led or been involved in a number of key benchmarking and supply chain development activities with local manufacturing SMEs. He holds a PhD from Swinburne in the area of die casting and ultrasonic non-destructive testing.

Research interests

Additive and Near Net Shape Manufacturing; Materials Characterisation; Non-Contact Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing; Ultrasound; Recycling

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Coordinating Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Machining - 091004
  • Metals And Alloy Materials - 091207
  • Tribology - 091309

Teaching areas

Additive and Near Net Shape Manufacturing;Materials Characterisation;Non-Contact Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing;Ultrasound


  • 2019, Other, Capability Improvement Award - BAE Systems, RAN, Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • 2019, International, Best Paper Award, 3rd International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Kuala Lumpur
  • 2016, Other, Capability Improvement Award - BAE Systems, Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • 2015, Other, Capability Improvement Award - Thales Australia, Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • 2015, National, Aerospace Aviation Industry SME Grant, 2015 International Airshow
  • 2014, Other, DMTC Best Poster Award - Evaluation of Additive/Direct Manufacturing Project, DMTC
  • 2011, Other, Commercialisation Award, The University of Queensland
  • 2011, Other, Capability Improvement Award - Benchmarking , Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • 2010, Other, Commercialisation Award, CAST CRC
  • 2007, Other, Industry Partner Award, CAST CRC


Also published as: Palanisamy, Suresh; Palanisamy, S.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2020: Workshop to establish India-Australia Internet of Things Training Academy *; DFAT Australia India Council
  • 2019: Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (SPEE3D) Capability Demonstration via Industry Product Development *; Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Intern Program
  • 2019: Optimisation of Liquid Phase Sintered Parts for Structural Applications of Cold Spray - APR Internship: Riyan Abdul Rahman Rashid *; Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Intern Program
  • 2019: Supersonic 3D Deposition (SP3D) Printed Parts for Digital Shipyard *; Defence Science Institute Collaborative Research Grants
  • 2019: Sustainment of emerging materials for Structural Applications *; DMTC
  • 2018: 2018 Visiting Fellowships Scheme - Professor Krishnan Balasubramaniam *; Swinburne Research, DVCR&D - Internal contributions
  • 2018: DMTC Benchmarking Study: Welding Capacity for Defence Platforms (Project No. 12.60) *; DMTC
  • 2018: High Speed Metal Additive Manufacturing for Transport, Defence and Construction Industries. *; Spee3d Fund Scheme
  • 2018: Sustainment of emerging materials *; DMTC
  • 2018: Topological Optimisation for Metallic Additive Manufacturing *; DMTC
  • 2017: Corrosion Prognostics Health Monitoring *; DMTC
  • 2017: Development of Automated Assembly with Visual Inspection System for Automotive Door HandleComponent - Transport Innovation Centre Project *; Malaysia Automotive Institute - International Grant
  • 2017: Factors Influencing Consumer purchase behaviour in locally manufactured cars -Transport Innovation Centre Project *; Malaysia Automotive Institute - International Grant
  • 2017: Optimisation of Re-Manufacturing Process - Transport Innovation Centre Project *; Malaysia Automotive Institute - International Grant
  • 2017: Rapid Manufacturing of Pedal Brake - Transport Innovation Centre Project *; Malaysia Automotive Institute - International Grant
  • 2016: Advanced Welding Solutions 3.22 *; DMTC
  • 2016: The establishment of a joint Transport Innovation Centre *; Malaysia Automotive Institute - International Grant
  • 2015: Air Program Management *; DMTC
  • 2015: Benchmarking for best practices - Project 3.2 *; DMTC
  • 2015: Corrosion scoping study - Project 9.07 *; DMTC
  • 2015: Enhanced tooling capability - Project 5.02 *; DMTC
  • 2015: New manufacturing capability - Project 5.0 *; DMTC
  • 2015: Sustainment Capability Development - Project 5.03 *; DMTC
  • 2013: Investigation of laser cladding for geometry restoration and structural integrity enhancement of aircraft structures *; DMTC Strategic Projects
  • 2013: Next Generation Tooling Development *; DMTC
  • 2013: Residual stress of additive manufacturing - Project 1. *; DMTC
  • 2013: SME Technology Transfer *; DMTC

* Chief Investigator