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John McCormick is a technology based artist and researcher with a major interest in human movement.  John has collaborated on works worldwide, including at peak festivals ISEA, ZERO1SJ, SIGGRAPH, Melbourne Festival, Venice Biennale, Siggraph Asia, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) London, Ars Electronica, Monaco Dance Forum and Art Science Museum Singapore. John was a founding member of Company In Space, Dancehouse, Squaretangle and Wild System.  John is a researcher in the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies and Lecturer in Interactive Media at Swinburne University teaching in the areas of Previsualization and Mixed Reality.  John’s current research centres on intelligent agents that can learn from human interaction to create collaborative artisitc environments with humans. Lately he has been investigating robots as collaborative performing partners and the use of deep learning and neural networks to enable non human systems to co create and collaborate with humans. John's areas of interest include human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, augmented, virtual and mixed realities, human movement and artificial neural networks.

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Co-Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Screen And Digital Media - 360500
  • Music - 360300
  • Performing Arts - 360400
  • Creative And Professional Writing - 360200


Also published as: McCormick, John; McCormick, J.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2023: Hyperrealia - Powerhouse *; Creative Victoria Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Aurora Australis Ultimo Choro *; Wild System - John McCormic Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Gender differences in perceived workload, usability and physical outcomes using Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery - A Research Survey *; CMR Surgical Ltd Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Holobody: Advancing the Future of Mixed Reality Technologies *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2022: Motion Capture for Aslan Signing *; Mighty Serious Pty Ltd Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Safety at Work VR - Further Development *; Scope_FS
  • 2021: ARC Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing *; ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres
  • 2021: Edge Computing for AR Delivery *; Appearition
  • 2021: Hyperrealia *; State Library of Victoria
  • 2021: Nugura Pulka APY Imagine Room Volumetric Capture *; Imagine Room Funding
  • 2021: Thin Ice Volumetric Capture *; Imagine Room Funding
  • 2020: ACMI Public Art Commission Interaction Design Study *; Australian Centre for the Moving Image
  • 2020: Virtual Crossings - Venice Film Festival - VR *; Gilles Jobin Fund Scheme
  • 2019: Safety at Work: an applied research project to integrate immersive experiential learning with positive behaviour support training in the disability sector (PAVE) *; Workforce Training Innovation Fund
  • 2019: Silver Sun Pictures - ‘SmartSportz Live Motion’ *; Silver Sun Pictures
  • 2018: Intelligent visualisation for Risk Management *; Appearition
  • 2018: Motion Capture for Virtual Reality (VR) dance production *; Gilles Jobin Fund Scheme
  • 2018: Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery - An Ergonomic Investigation *; Valley Private Hospital Fund Scheme
  • 2018: Safety at work - researching and implementing immersive technologies in training support workers *; Workforce Training Innovation Fund
  • 2018: Social, cultural and personal implications  of the integration of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in workplace situations.             *; Appearition
  • 2018: The AI Party - Part 1 *; Triage Live Art Collective Fund Scheme
  • 2017: City of Androids *; Annual Arts Grants

* Chief Investigator

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