Faculty of Business and Law

Sport Innovation Research Group

Australia-China Sport Exchange Public Seminar

On December 2, Swinburne’s Sport Innovation Research Group hosted a China Sport Exchange Day with visitors from Tsinghua University, based in Beijing. Prof Xueli Wang, Director of the Tsinghua University Centre for the Development of Sports Industry (TUDSI) joined the Sport Innovation Research Group and partners for a series of industry and research sessions. TUDSI was jointly established by Tsinghua University and Imedia Group and aims to provide intellectual support for the implementation of the national sports industry development strategy and promotion of the sports industry in China. TUDSI’s partners include the Chinese Basketball Association, Chinese Athletic Association, Chinese Tennis Association, Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club, GuoanSport and Bayern Munich.

The visit built on the Swinburne Sport Innovation Research Group visit to Beijing in June 2019, where researchers met industry and delivered keynotes as part of the Tsinghua University 2019 International Sport Industry Forum. The day’s activities included a visit to the Richmond Football Club, partner of Swinburne University, meetings with Swinburne researchers and a roundtable event with partners from the AFL, Soccer and Tennis guests sharing examples and reflections on their sports initiatives to engage with Chinese markets and brands.

Dr Adam Karg, Director of the Sport Innovation Research Group and an Advisory Board Member of TUDSI said: “The day has provided a great opportunity to solidify our relationship with TUDSI, and to share some of the way sport organisations in Australia are engaging with Asian markets. We already have a number of connections with TUDSI and look forward to further engaging in research opportunities with TUDSI and their partners”

Prof Wang closed the day with a seminar to partners and guests on the development of the Chinese sport industry and emerging opportunities for China. The presentation highlighted the intense development of sport in China, with a focus on the growth of traditional sports, China’s development in the winter sports industry ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games and the emergence of eSports. The presentation also touched on changing structures and governance of sport organisations and the role and policy of government.