Applying for our 2021 Early Entry Program

Applications for the 2021 Early Entry Program have now closed. If you applied and do not receive a conditional offer, you may still be eligible for a formal offer in the VTAC rounds, so consider keeping it in your preferences. Don’t forget to consider our other entry pathways – UniLink diplomas, regular diplomas and certificates!

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I didn’t receive a conditional offer, however my email said that Swinburne is still interested in my application. What does this mean?

We can only make a limited number of conditional offers as part of the Early Entry Program, and the program has been very popular. However, we anticipate that more places will become available during the VTAC offer rounds, as many students will gain entry via their ATAR or accept offers for different Swinburne courses. This means that we can free up places for students like you who missed out on early conditional offers. Because of this, you may choose to keep the Early Entry Program course in your preferences so that you are still in the running for non-ATAR entry. 

I received an alternate offer for a UniLink course. What should I do now?

This is a great position to be in. Think of this course as your contingency plan. So if your 'plan A' doesn’t happen, you’ve got a 'plan B' already in place. You may wish to include standard entry or the Early Entry Program as a higher preference, but by including the UniLink course in your preferences, this will secure your entry into Swinburne (as long as you still meet the course prerequisites). 

I didn't receive a conditional offer. Does this mean that my application was poor?

Not necessarily. Due to the popularity of the program and the high volume of applications, we can only offer a limited number of conditional offers. Although you may have not made the cut for a conditional offer, you may still be considered for non-ATAR entry during the formal VTAC offer rounds as more places become available. You may wish to keep the Early Entry Program course in your preferences to keep this option alive. 

What courses are included in the 2021 Early Entry Program and what are their VTAC codes?

Have a look at our full list of eligible courses here. 

When will I find out whether I have an early conditional offer?

 All applicants have been notified of the outcome of their application. If you applied but haven’t yet heard from us, please let us know via email immediately. 

After submitting my application to Swinburne, do I still have to preference my 2021 Early Entry Program course/s in VTAC?

Yes. This is really important. To receive a full offer from Swinburne, your 2021 Early Entry Program course/s must be your highest eligible preference/s in your VTAC application.

Should I still preference the ATAR-entry version of my chosen course/s in VTAC?

If you’re aiming for the Guaranteed Entry ATAR for your course, that’s great!  If this motivates you to work harder, then definitely include it on your preference list. But if you’re planning on entering via the 2021 Early Entry Program, make sure to preference the correct VTAC code and submit your school recommendation. In this case, preferencing the ATAR-entry version is optional.

How did you choose the courses offered in this program?

We carefully reviewed our courses and included only those where a school recommendation would be a reasonable alternative to selection via ATAR.  Places in specialist courses like aviation and film & television are limited by specialist facilities and studio capacity, while nursing and education courses have compulsory entry requirements set by external bodies.

Are places in the 2021 Early Entry Program limited?

As with all Australian universities, we have a limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places. This impacts both ATAR-entry applicants, as well as Early Entry Program applicants. Applications for the Program closed on 11 September due to high demand.

Even if you've submitted an application and don’t end up receiving a conditional offer, you should leave the Early Entry Program course in your preferences. Here's why – you could still receive an offer for it through the regular VTAC offer rounds.

Will students applying with their ATAR be competing with those applying via the 2021 Early Entry Program?

Swinburne is committed to helping students of all backgrounds and circumstances. The 2021 Early Entry Program was created to provide an alternative entry pathway for students who would otherwise be disadvantaged by their interrupted school year. In doing so, we made sure that neither group of applicants would negatively impact the other.

If I apply for an Early Entry Program course at Swinburne, do I still need to complete VCE exams?

If you apply to Swinburne through the Early Entry Program, you still need to complete VCE exams, even though your ATAR won’t be used as selection criteria. That’s because you still need to meet course prerequisites, like a study score of 20 in any English (which is still five points lower than what’s required if you’re applying through standard entry). If you’re planning on completing an unscored VCE, we recommend exploring our diploma and certificate pathways for entering Swinburne. 

How will you balance the number of offers given to ATAR applicants versus 2021 Early Entry Program applicants?

All applicants must still apply via VTAC and will only receive their full offer after VCE. We’ll make sure that ATAR applicants are not are not disadvantaged by conditional offers received by 2021 Early Entry Program applicants and vice versa. You should choose the entry pathway that best suits you. It’s been an uncertain year, so, if you’re seeking certainty, the Program may be the right choice. Even with an early conditional offer in August, you could do better than you expected at VCE. If that happens, you have the option to change your preference and be accepted into your course via that standard ATAR pathway.

Will the 2021 Early Entry Program pathway be noted on my transcript?

No. We do not record entry pathways on transcripts. You’ll be studying the same course as those who entered via their ATAR.