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Timely VTAC applications open 9am Monday 31 July and close 5pm Thursday 28 September. Already chosen your course and ready to preference Swinburne? Head over to VTAC now to get started.

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Welcome to the Year 11 & 12 Hub. Here you’ll find everything from events for students and parents to exam prep, important dates and deadlines, explainers, VTAC preference help, application help, and more.

VTAC key dates and deadlines

Here are the important dates you’ll want to stay across this year:

View VTAC dates
  • Timely applications open

    31 July (9am) – 28 September (5pm)

  • Late applications open

    28 September (5.15pm) – 3 November (5pm) 

  • Very late applications open

    3 November (5.15pm) – 1 December (5pm)

  • ATAR release

    11 December (7am) or January 2024 for IB (TBC)

  • Three Swinburne student ambassadors of varying cultural backgrounds, all aged in their late teens to early twenties, stand proudly out the front of The George building on Swinburne's hawthorn campus

    Where could your ATAR take you?

    Whether you have a dream degree in mind or want to know all your options for study after Year 12, the ATAR Calculator has you covered.

    Just enter the score you’re aiming for to unlock a list of Swinburne courses available to you. 

  • Greyscale image of a young male with dark hair and glasses, holding a laptop, on a white background with stylised graphical overlays in black grey and red.

    How to become a business analyst

    Turn data into better business decisions. Be in-demand by industry hungry for data insights. Earn a top salary. Learn how to become a business analyst now.
  • Girl standing in front of white background with red graph details, a black fingerprint and black crime scene numbers

    How to become a criminologist

    What does a criminologist do? Are criminologists in demand? How much do criminologists earn? Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a criminologist. 

  • How to become a communication designer

    A communication design career can take you all over the world – from thriving major cities to an off-grid digital nomad life. Here's everything you need to know about how to become a communication designer.
  • Guy wearing hoodie and cap on white background with a question mark and lots of interconnecting red and grey dots, lines and circles.

    How to become a cyber security analyst

    A career in cyber security will be as secure as the systems you work on. Join this booming sector and earn a top salary. Learn how to become a cyber security analyst now.
  • Girl wearing suit on white background with a gavel, scales of justice and interconnecting red and grey dots.

    How to become a lawyer

    Learn how to become a lawyer and pull the levers that control the justice system to create a safer and fairer society for everyone. Read Swinburne's 4 steps to becoming a lawyer.
  • Group of male and female students walk out of The George building chatting and smiling after a class

    2024 _Early Entry Program

    Want to be part of the next generation of change-makers and big-thinkers? The Swinburne Early Entry Program means you can apply early and ATAR-free, and start shaping the next gen_now.

  • Swinburne staff talking to mature aged student about pathways to studying at university

    Pathway planner

    Associate degrees and UniLink diplomas can help you if your ATAR is just below the score you need for direct entry to your preferred course. Think of it as taking a slightly different route to the same destination.

  • Image of a group of young people gathered on a balcony at Swinburne's Hawthorn campus, enjoying some pizza.

    Change of Preference

    Want to get more from your ATAR? Use our resources to find the best way to organise your VTAC preferences for every offer round. Plus, discover different ways to get into your dream degree with our pathway planner.

Support, special consideration, scholarships and more

Feeling supported through your studies is just as important to your education as what you learn. And at Swinburne, you’ll have access to heaps of free support services – both when you study with us, and before you start your student journey.

Are you eligible for special consideration? 

If there are circumstances or obstacles which have impacted your studies and your academic results, you may be eligible for special consideration via the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).

SEAS considers a range of factors that may have the ability to affect your performance and results, like your financial situation, your health, or your living circumstances.

SEAS categories are: 

Category 1 – Personal information and location

Category 2 – Disadvantaged financial background

Category 3 – Disability or medical condition

Category 4 – Difficult circumstances

Because the past few years have been particularly challenging, many students are likely to meet one or more categories that may qualify them for special consideration. We recommend talking to your school about applying for SEAS.

See more about the Special Entry Access Scheme

Scholarships aren’t just awarded for academic achievement, they’re also awarded to promote gender equity, to counter personal hardship, to assist with financial needs, to recognise community and volunteer work. There are scholarships available to students from a refugee or migrant background, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and for students relocating from a rural or regional area.

See the full list of Swinburne scholarships

At Swinburne, we believe education should be available to everyone, regardless of circumstances. That's why we offer a range of study pathways to take you from a certificate to a uni diploma or degree.

Using a pathway program, you'll get academic credit to move through the qualification levels.

Want to know which pathway options exist for the course you’re interested in? Try our Pathway Planner and find out.

Pathway options

The Moondani Toombadool Centre is the department responsible for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters at Swinburne, including student support, Indigenous teaching, learning and research, and celebrations like NAIDOC Week.

As a Swinburne student, you’ll have access to community and support through Moondani Toombadool, like the Indigenous Study Success Program, the Indigenous Student Lounge and more.

Looking at applying to study with Swinburne? Before you do, take a look at the exhaustive list of scholarships available to Indigenous students, they cover everything from study supplies to relocation and more.

Scholarships for Indigenous students

If you’re a student living with a disability, medical or mental health condition, or carer responsibilities, you are eligible for support at Swinburne called AccessAbility.

First, you’ll need to register for AccessAbility. Then you’ll work with an AccessAbility advisor to develop an Education Access Plan to make sure your studies and student life work for you. Your advisor will also be able to connect you with all the support services you might need throughout your studies.

Learn more about AccessAbility support

Swinburne students can access a wealth of free and easy advice and assistance because we know that your mental health, physical health, and stress levels are all tied into how you do in your studies (and in your life altogether). Access support services like psychology and counselling, financial advice and assistance, study help, our medical and sexual health clinic, and more. On campus or virtually. 

See our health and wellbeing services

Before you commence your studies, make sure you’ve had a look at the government financial assistance that may be available to you, like ABSTUDY, Austudy, and Youth Allowance, HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, SA-HELP, as well as loans, grants, fees and discounts

Keep on exploring

  • Scholarships

    We offer a wide range of scholarships to help selected students from all walks of life reach their academic goals.

  • Female student on a professional placement stands in the office and smiles to camera

    Work Integrated Learning

    Swinburne guarantees real industry experience in all our bachelor degrees in the form of placements, internships or industry-linked projects.

  • Student support services

    Need support? Swinburne’s student support services can help with your studies, career, health and wellbeing, accommodation, child care, IT, safety and more.
  • Accommodation

    Discover all your student housing options at Swinburne, including on-campus accommodation, shared apartments, studio apartments and short-term accommodation.

Want to chat to us about your options?

Our friendly team are here to help. Book in for a video call, face-to-face appointment or phone call and we’ll be in touch to answer all your questions.