Hone your strategy skills to accelerate business growth. Find audiences where others wouldn’t think to look. Learn to use data and the tools of digital marketing to guide or validate lateral thinking. Then test your strategies with real-world projects. Whether you are onsite for a seminar at an agency or hearing from the creative director in class, the program will have you face-to-face with the people and industries shaping the marketing landscape.

Who you are

You are a mid-level professional in marketing, branding or communications with ambitions of becoming a CMO or starting your own consultancy. You’re savvy enough to know that it takes more to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape. That’s why you’re keen to give yourself and your career an edge with postgraduate qualifications.

Where it can take you

When you complete your master degree, you’ll have the ability to navigate and lead change in any environment. You could take on senior roles in digital marketing, advertising, branding, consulting, market research, corporate communications and customer experience.

Courses Available

Graduate Certificate of Marketing
Master of Marketing
Master of Marketing (Professional)
Master of Marketing (Advanced)


Unit Partners

Design your postgraduate program

Chris was CEO of TNS, one of the world’s largest research consultancies, in the Asia Pacific and Africa markets, even leading the digital transformation of TNS Asia Pacific. He looks forward to showing AGSE students how to seize growth opportunities offered by social, digital and mobile.

Chris Riquier, pracademic, CEO International of Illuminera and Director of Foxley and Ethnotek.

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