Swinburne issues digital graduation documents using a secure digital platform called My eQuals. My eQuals is used by most Australian and New Zealand universities and allows you to securely share your documents online with anyone, including employers and other third parties.

What is a testamur?

A testamur is a legal document with the university seal that includes:

  • your name

  • course title

  • the signatures of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Academic Registrar

  • the date of conferral.

Printed testamur orders currently take a minimum of eight (8) weeks to process. Digital documents are available via My eQuals.

What is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is an official, signed record of your academic history. It includes vital information such as:

  • results/marks

  • completion and graduation dates

  • majors and minors

  • Work Integrated Learning

  • honours level.

You can also sign in to My Results to download an unofficial statement of results as soon as your final results are released.

What is the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)?

The AHEGS provides detailed information on your higher education qualification, including the institution where you obtained it, in one easy-to-read document. All higher education students receive the AHEGS when they graduate.

See more information on the AHEGS at the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training website.

What is a Statement of Attainment?

The Statement of Attainment is for vocational education students only and records all the successfully completed units of study within a nationally accredited vocation course.

Contact studentHQ if:

  • you have not received your graduation documents, or

  • your essential details have changed before (or since) your graduation.

Need extra copies? Order documents to review and purchase digital copies of official graduation documents.

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Digital documents (My eQuals)

Certified digital graduation documents are issued by Swinburne via My eQuals.

My eQuals is a shared digital platform for universities in Australia and New Zealand for hosting and authenticating digital academic transcripts, testamurs and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS) (Higher Education students only).

In My eQuals you can access and share your documents with employers or third parties in a secure online environment. You can also control who has access to view your documents and check when they are viewed.

Digital academic transcripts are available to all students, testamurs and AHEGS are only available for students graduating from 2014 onwards.

Learn more about My eQuals and digital academic documents, visit the My eQuals website.

My eQuals guides:

For quick steps to help you register an account with My eQuals, download Registering for My eQuals [PDF, 309KB]

For tips on logging in and navigating through My eQuals, download the Using My eQuals [PDF, 228KB]

For an example of certified documents in My eQuals, download the My eQuals certified copy sample [PDF, 156KB]

You can order and pay for digital documents online, or if you are no longer able to login, you can make a request via our online forms.

Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register and download your documents online via My eQuals.

Digital documents are only certified when viewed online and should not be printed.

Your digital documents will be automatically uploaded on My eQuals. When documents are available, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register and download your documents online.

In addition, you will receive a paper copy of your testamur at your graduation ceremony. If you are not attending a graduation ceremony, see here for instructions on how to request a copy.

  • Open Universities Australia Graduation Application

    Use this form to apply to graduate from your course and receive your graduation documents. Learn more about the OUA Graduation Application.  

  • Academic Conduct Report Application

    The purpose of the form is to enable students to request an academic conduct report and transcript which can be used to support their application for admission to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board. 

  • Replacement Testamur Application

    You can request a replacement testamur if your original has been lost, destroyed or damaged, or if you have changed your name. 

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If you have a question or need help with any aspect of completing your course or graduating, contact studentHQ. StudentHQ can help you if you haven’t received your graduation documents or need to get replacements. 

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